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UnFi UAP-AC-LR Setup by PC and Android


i am new to the Ubiquiti Controlling and have encountert some trobble.

The Plan is to set up the AP by PC or Andoid, but be able to change settings by both.

I am able to set it up by the PC Software, but then it is not possible to do anything with the App and wise werser.

Is this a bug or a feature? I am not using any Cloud Controller yet, since I want to use only one AP.



Thank you



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Re: UnFi UAP-AC-LR Setup by PC and Android

Welcome to the world of Ubiquiti !!


Just a friendly heads up you really need to post this in here ( UniFi-Wireless )


As for your question, the app would need the IP address of your PC controller in the section Direct Access


Example : PC's IP address would be entered


This would be added to the app along with your unifi controllers Username and password


Hope this helps



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Re: UnFi UAP-AC-LR Setup by PC and Android

Than you.
If a Mod could move my post to the right section, that would be nice.

It works when I enter the IP of the PC into the app, while the software is running.
I was thinking, if it is possible to run the Controller on both devices? So i dont have to always turn on the pc for setting up something.