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Unable to connect to some services when using a USG, browsing fine.

Hi, after some advice on troubleshooting the following issue.


I’ve got a UniFi solution of 5 switches 2 in wall Wi-Fi points and and AC Lite, when using my broadband provider router everything is fine, can browse the web, download files, stream media, email etc. I have several Sonos devices, Smart Heating and Amazon Echos and fire TV’s all working.

Router —> Switch (US8-150) —>1 US8-150 & 3 US-8 & Wi-Fi Access points.


When I replace the router with a Netgear DM200 (bridge mode) —> USG3 in PPPoE my connection works and speed tests are giving the same results as with the original router and browsing / email works.


This issues are, my smart heating (Hive) randomly disconnects from the Hive server, it doesn’t lose connection from the Wi-Fi it’s showing a solid connection. It appears its not able to connect to the Hive server some of the time.

If I try to use Netflix on a fire stick it won’t connect I but I can stream from amazon on the same stick.  If I i use Netflix on a Ethernet connected FireTV Netflix works. Finally when using a Sonos Play one and giving it Alexa commands, the speaker responds but doesn’t then carry out the action, for example ‘Alexa, play radio 1’ response is playing radio 1 but then nothing happens. If I do the same command on an Echo it works. 


All UniFi devices are running the latest firmware.


Any ideas?