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UniFi AP's, Guest Network and VLANS

First I am not a LAN administrator but I have some basic concepts understood. Would someone mind giving me a general direction on how to accomplish the following scenario?


Current setup:

- USG (out of the box settings) default DHCP

- Latest Unified Controller (Mac)

- Multiple UAP-Pro's

- Unmannaged switch

- One Wireless network "Staff wireless" that uses WPA Personal


Desired setup:

Add a guest network to all of my UAP-Pro's. Looking to support several hundered users to connect at once diveded across many APs.

- Prevent the Guest network from communicating to computers/devices on the Staff wireless network


Are the following steps correct or am I off the mark?

1. I will need to use VLAN tagging to introduce a new DHCP network. The switch will need to be replaced with something that supports VLAN tagging (not model specific though)

2. I will need to configure the USG to add a VLAN and change it's firewall to prevent communication between the default staff network and the new VLAN for guests?

3. I will need to assign the new VLAN to the guest wireless network in the Unified Controller wireless settings?

4. I will need to tag the ports with the new VLAN on the switch that runs to the APs?


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Re: UniFi AP's, Guest Network and VLANS

Yup, that is all correct.


There is a simpler way too though which does not require a VLAN aware switch or VLAN configuration.


You can create a second SSID in the UniFi controller and designate it as a Guest network, and then simply block access to the local subnet. In the example, I've disabled access to the network on my guest SSID.



The VLAN setup is better, but this is simpler and requires no new hardware yet, so might be a useful interim measure. 

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