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UniFi Controller upgrade broke VLAN Internet access after Untangle Server

Hello! I am in the middle of contacting support for both Ubiquiti and Untangle for this issue, but I figured I would also throw this out there to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem. 


We have a 4 site network controlled by a UniFi CloudKey. All of the sites have USGs (2 USG 4Ps, 2 USG 3Ps) connected together through a site-to-site VPN. On one of these sites (our office location), we have an Untangle server running as a transparent bridge between a USG 4P and the rest of the network to monitor and manage network traffic. The office network also has several VLANs. This morning, the network was fully functional on all VLANs. We decided to upgrade the UniFi controller and firmware around 10:00 EST because our offices are pretty dead on Fridays and we didn't think a controller upgrade would break anything. 


Buuuuuuut it did break something. Specifically, our VLANs on the office network no longer have internet access. The other three sites experienced no connectivity issues so we eventually narrowed down the problem to the Untangle Server. The default management network was still able to access the internet, just not the VLANs. When we bypassed the Untangle, internet to the VLANs was restored. We tried deleting and re-adding the virtual interfaces for the VLANs in the Untangle configuration but that didn't fix it. 


It is strange that a controller upgrade broke our VLAN Internet access through a transparent bridge. Has anyone experienced a similar issue with the recent upgrade or have suggestions for us to try? Unfortunately, I may not be able to address this issue on site again until Monday so any fixes I attempt will have to be remote which may limit what I can do. Also, we have left the network bypassing the Untangle for now since so people can still do their work in the meantime.


This is a little bit of our topography for the site in question. I blacked out the other sites just to make it easier to focus on the problem area.


Network Topology.png

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Re: UniFi Controller upgrade broke VLAN Internet access after Untangle Server

I have similar problem!
Both of the issue is caused by using none-usg gateway. Am i right?