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UniFi Release Blog Restructuring

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So we've decided to move the release blogs back to the old structure. You may be wondering why I'm posting this. We had a separate section for releases for the new hardware, but as they have been converged (for a few releases) we think it makes more sense that all releases are in a common area.


Stable releases will be found in the UniFi Updates blog (see HERE). Both soaking and beta updates can be found in the UniFi Beta blog (see HERE).


Soaking is near stable, whereas beta is beta. Please remember to use those appropriately. Typically we don't recommend beta releases in a production environment. Soaking releases should be stable, but it's possible that we've introduced a regression and missed it in testing (hence why they will be in the beta area).


To access the beta blog you need beta access. If you don't yet have beta access, please see THIS KB article.


The best way to get updates on releases is to subscribe to the release blog. You need to be a member of the community, then in the blog section go to Blog Options > Subscribe. We've disabled comments in the blog area so you will only get emails on new release posts (no spam).