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Unifi CK2+ Controller Failed to Boot

About 4 months ago I purchased the CK2+ and for the most part has been working fairly well.  However, over the past 3 weeks or so, the device has been rebooting at random times throughout the day.  I also use the Protect system for camera use as well and would typically see anywhere from 2 to 3 reboots a day.  I guess I chalked up the issue as a bug in the firmware and the device would normally come back up.  It was an annoyance more than anything and figured a later firmware would resolve the issue.


Today, the CK2+ failed to reboot after going down.  I now get a "failed boot" message on the device and it just keeps power cycling with the same message.  At this point, I think the device is toast.  I can't access the cloud key via IP or via the controller since it's in the same box as Protect.  I do know it had the latest firmware as of Sunday on the 10th of February.


Is anybody aware of this issue or have any ideas on what I can do to fix it?  Could it be a failed HDD or something else that failed?  So far I am not impressed.  It seems like within the last week the cloud key has been on a steady decline.  The app on my iPhone would have trouble reviewing motion events and sometimes just being in the app alone would cause the connection to fail and reboot.  Only 4 months in and it's nothing more than a brick.