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Unifi Security Gateway LAN1 and LAN2 - Can't communicate between networks.

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I have a new Unifi Security Gateway and have the following issue.


I have it taking over for an existing network and found enough information to get it adopted and to have it replace the existing router. Here is the issue.


At the moment I have both LAN1 and LAN2 utilized however I can not talk across them. 

My configuration



LAN1 =

LAN2 =

LAN2 =



Computer 1 =

Computer 2 =

Computer 3 =


If I try and ping the Unifi Security gateway on any computer I can reach it, for example.


Computer 1: IP: 

If I try to ping or I can ping the Unifi Security Gateway, however If computer 1 tries to ping computer 2 it can not ping it, same thing with attempting to ping computer 3. Computer 1's gateway is (Unifi Gateway) Computer 2's gateway is


I thought by default I would be able to ping across the "corporate" networks but I can not. 


Any help is appriciated.


Security gateway is running Firmware:

Unifi Controller is 5.6.29