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VLAN Issues with phones using Windstream and Unifi Switches

Hi all. Attached are screen shots of my Unifi configuration. I have Windstream as our carrier and they provide Data and Voice over MPLS (between multiple offices). All of these switches are on the local network at this site (let's call it site 1). I need to focus on this site. is VLAN 1 and is VLAN 150 (Voice LAN for VOIP). is Windstreams' remote system and we can ping it just fine. I have the phones connecting also and they are receiving IP addresses on the correct subnet, but as you can see, Unifi does not see them on the correct network (it should show as VOIP Network).  The phones Windstream provided are Mitel 5330 and 5340 phones.


Currently everything is connected via MPLS to the carrier as I specified but they are upgrading us to their SD-WAN system which they attempted to perform this upgrade and suddenly all services up and died. We had them switch us back to the MPLS where everything works and we are happy but the are forcing us to upgrade to SD-WAN.


Attached are screen shots of the switchport profile, the network config and a snapshot of the clients and if ANYONE has an idea what I missed (and I even reached out to a member of the forum by phone and they helped write this up for me and are scratching their heads as well) it would be greaty appreciated.