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Wired Client Random Disconnect Event Logs

I have recently had a bit of a logical and physical tidy up of my home network to move IOT type stuff like wireless heating controls, Sonos hardware etc onto a new IOT VLAN set up as a new corporate network object with the VLAN ID serviced by an additional SSID on the Unifi APs.  Kit is as follows: -


USG3 - firmware version 4.4.18

Cloudkey - firmware version 0.10.0 - controller 5.7.20-10627

Unifi 8/150 switch - firmware

EdgeSwitch 8/150 - firmware 1.7.3

2 x Unifi AP-AC-Pro - firmware version

3 x Unifi CCTV cameras on latest firmware

Home brew Unifi NVR as an ESX VM on Ubuntu 16.04 running latest Unifi NVR release, 3.94

Netgear GS110TP smart switch

Netgear GS108 smart switch


Creating the new VLAN made me realise that the switch fabric had grown rather haphazardly over the years so I made the Unifi 8/150 switch the hub with the other switches, USG and the APs running off it.  I moved the CCTV and the NVR onto the EdgeSwitch 8/150 to keep the CCTV traffic relatively isolated from the rest of the network.  The trunk links between the switches seem to be doing their thing correctly and the new IOT SSID works nicely too.  I left the Cloud Key on the EdgeSwitch as I wanted to keep a couple of ports free on the USW 8/150.


Since moving the CCTV cameras onto the EdgeSwitch 8/150, I keep getting random camera disconnect informational messages in the Cloud Key controller logs: -



These are only informational event logs and the cameras remain powered over PoE and will continue to record while they are allegedly "disconnected".  The messages are becoming a bit of an irritation as I do regularly check the logs.  Strangely, one of my ESX hosts that runs the Unifi NVR used to be patched into one of the NetGear switches used to to do the same thing but since moving it to the EdgeSwitch, it hasn't generated a single connect/disconnect event.


I've searched through this this forum and a couple of similar posts have been made of the years - Raspberry Pi Disconnecting and Disconnecting from LAN - UBNT chipped in on both to say that it was likely to be down to the MAC address table timeout on the switch(es).  I don't think that is a likely cause as I have plenty of other kit that doesn't do very much on the network and would be more of a candidate to produce these spurious messages.


Also, the CCTV is never idle for very long with cats wandering around the back garden and folk walking along the footpath at the front of the house.


Any ideas?