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iOS L2TP VPN Profile Creator

I made this tool to make it easier to deploy an iOS VPN profile to my devices without the need for mobile device management solution.  Once the file is generated you can email it to yourself using gmail and then open it.  It will then import into your phone or ipad's profiles. 


It has three connections that get created.

(SiteName): Always - with this you will always connect automatically to your VPN on LTE and Wifi

(SiteName): Manual - with this you will be able to manually connect to your VPN

(SiteName): WiFi - with this you will automatically connect to VPN when on an untrusted WiFi network based on the SSID's you add to the Wireless Networks - No VPN section in the tool.



Just fill in the information in the tool, navigate to a folder in Save Path and click Create Config.

Site Name: I would type something short in this field with no spaces as this is used when it creates the connection name in your VPN settings.

Site Address: This is where you would type in either an IP address or a hostname to your router after creating the L2TP connection.

User: The user name that you created for the connection in the Radius settings.

Password: The password for the user above.

Shared Secret: The secret you defined for you L2TP connections.

Wireless Networks No VPN:  This is where you would define trusted SSID's to not connect to VPN.  These are case sensitive.


The L2TP setup I used is below.

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Re: iOS L2TP VPN Profile Creator

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@BuddyEdwards => sadly I'm using MacOS and Unix system, but this is a great idea already. I'm using the Apple COnfigurator to generate them, including the WPA2 enterprises (same username/password) and emails/services too (easy, same username and password for everything !)

It was one of the feature request actually, to provide iOS profile, but as Google android, and others OS don't have solution except by installating a MDM with a software to manage the configuration, it's hard to justify the dev for UBNT, as it's not really "inline with the low budget hardware solution" (You don't find iOS everywhere, but you can find android)


 Note : the iOS profile you got, work on MacOS too, you can use it too !