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link aggregation failure?

Hi guys,


first of all, hello to everyone and sorry for my bad english, but I'm not a native speaker.


Now to my "problem":

I have two 24 port unifi switches at home. Both of them are placed in a rack. One of them is a POE switch which handels everything which is outside the rack. The second switch is a none POE switch, which handels all the stuff inside the rack. Because i had more than enough cables at home I've connected both switches via a link aggregation of 4 ports. The none POE switch is connected to the internet so the connection to the POE switch should be displayed with the downlink symbol, which it doesn't. The connection status is also shown with 1000FDX rate instead of 4000FDX. On the other hand, the POE switch displays everything correctly. It displays the uplink with the correct symbol and shows, that the speed is at 4000FDX.


I'm not sure if it's really an error or if just a problem of the unifi dashboard displaying my setup. Is it a known error or can somebody tell me how to easily test the connection speed between those switches.





Many thanks for your help and kind regards