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openvpn client persisting config

Hi community,


using a USG pro since 2 days.

I am trying to configure the USG as Openvpn client talking to a pfsense OpenVPN server.


I have been able to configure the USG as mentioned here:


However what does not seem to work is creating the interface, unless I ssh to the device, enter config mode and configure the interface on the command line:


set interfaces openvpn vtun0 config-file /config/openvpn/client.conf

When I commit and save the tunnel comes up and traffic is running across it. 


show interfaces openvpn

also shows me nicely the interface with the Tunnel IP attached to it.


I also had added a "config.gateway.json" file on my Windows Server based controller. The folder is:

[...]\Ubiquiti UniFi\data\sites\default

The file is in the "default" directory, since I do not have any other sites, other than my primary which unifi automatically calls "default". Not sure this is the problem,


The json content inside the file shows:

{ "interfaces": { "openvpn": { "vtun0": { "config-file": "/config/openvpn/client.conf" } } } }

As one can see, it is pointing to the same exact config file, as the one I use when enabling the interface using SSH on the CLI.

However, after provisioning of the USG the tunnel config is gone and no vtun0 anymore present, unless I ssh again and issue the same command line command as previosuly mentioned.


I understand the json file is supposed to make sure exactly that, so to not overwrite the config after provisioning (or automatically re-write by calling the conf file during provisioning), however it doesn't seem to work.


Does anyobody have an idea what I am doing wrong here?



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Re: openvpn client persisting config

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Maybe one thing to add:


Controller is Version and USG is Firmware