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setup unifi Ap by Iphone mobile

i used unifi software controler to install and configure my ap to give it ssid and password


i'm IT manager and i used new ap every day in my work i want to know is there any way to configure it from my iphone mobile


thank for you

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Re: setup unifi Ap by Iphone mobile

As per my knowledge. There is no UniFi Controller Mobile App. However you can use port forwarding and use it on your cell phone.


You need to forward 8443 and can use https://IPorDNS:8443 and access it from outside.


If you're inside the same L2 Network, then you can use https://ipaddress<controller machine>:8443 and access it on your cell phone.

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Re: setup unifi Ap by Iphone mobile

Soon we may have just such an APP. Keep checking in on the forum for updates. Cheers2

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