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usg pro 4 firewall rules for site to site on wan2



I have learned that when failover that you need to make a json file for wan 2 when failover. 

So i have probably need to do that with the firewall rules for site to site. 

but my question is how do i make those in the json file. 
tried same as i have done with the port forwarding, goes errorless trought python. But the usg just provision. and error come up in the unifi software.


so anyone that have an example of how to write this?




1 Usg 4p 4.4.36 , 1 Usg 4.4.36
1 Us 16 150w 4.0.21
3 Ap ac pro 4.0.21 , 1 UAP-AC-PRO 4.0.22
unifi cloudkey 0.13.4 , Unifi 5.10.17