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vlan help

hi can someone help me . 

i have setup

draytek vigor 2860

unifi switch 8port

and uaps

controler 5.4.11 hosting remotly

i configure 3 vlans


Vlan0 is on port1 is also trunk ip address

Vlan1 is on port1-6 ip address

Vlan3 is on port1 ip address



Vlan0 is for accounts-

Vlan1 is for reception

Vlan3 is for guest wifi uap hotspot


Unifi switch 8 port

Port 1 connects to router port1 as trunk

Port2 connects to >>normal switch>>uap

Port3 connects to >>accounts normal switch>>

Port 4,5,6,7,8 connects to UAPs


what i need is on unifi port3 connets accounts and all computers and phones receive lan0 ip address and should not show up on guest 


vlan id 3 is for guest to supprate