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Home-Office/Man Cave setup

by on ‎05-18-2017 01:47 PM

I have been running a Unifi network in my home/home office since I moved to a new house about a year and a half ago.  I live in the middle of no-where south Texas, which just happens to be fairly close to an AT&T distribution building, so I'm one of the very lucky few who can get U-Verse out here (otherwise it is satellite, sketchy PtP wireless, or dial-up).


I was introlduced to UBNT and Unifi via the Unifi review article on Arstechnica.  The feature set and price were more than right for what I wanted to do, so I placed an order:


1x US-25-500 PoE

2x UAP-AC-Pros


I put the switch and in AP-Pro in my shop/office and the other AP-Pro in the house.  I could have used AP-Lites or LRs, but I wanted 802.11at/af PoE and not 24v passive.  My network spans two buildings (finally had a valid reason to use fiber in my network!), so I used a TL-SG2210P in the house to connect two fiber ports to the US-24-500 in my office.  The SG2210P was flaky, so once the US-8-150 was released I bought one to replace it.  I also bought a CloudKey because it just made sense to have the controller on a purpose built, small form factor, PoE device.  I wanted a USG as well, but the I knew at some point my Electric Co-op was going to be rolling out a Gigabit fiber service to their service area, so I had to wait for the USG-Pro to be released before I bought one.  Once the US-8 was released, I bought one to replace a 5 port netgear switch in my media center.  The AC-HD was a beta store purchase (price was too good to pass up and I wanted to get more involved with UBNT and Unifi).  Same can be said for the AC-IWs.


Current network BoM:

1x USG-Pro (in office rack)

1x US-24-500 PoE (in office rack)

1x US-8-150 PoE (in master bedroom)

1x US-8-60W PoE (in office, under desk)

1x US-8 (powered by PoE) (entertanment center)

1x AC-Pro (living room)

1x AC-HD (in Media room expansion)

1x AC-IW (In office)


I also have the following in reserve:

1x AC-Pro

1x AC-IW


Pics or it didn't happen:Connected devicesConnected devices

Core rackCore rackUS-8-60W under office deskUS-8-60W under office deskAC-HD in Medai room ceilingAC-HD in Medai room ceilingAC-IW (mostly for testing purposes)AC-IW (mostly for testing purposes)Topology view (love this feature)Topology view (love this feature)



on ‎05-18-2017 02:46 PM

Looks good! Totally validates my man-cave / office UBNT obsession too!

on ‎05-18-2017 04:21 PM

Awesome setup!


How did you get that topology view?

on ‎05-18-2017 04:54 PM

You've finally posted the one picture I've been looking for.  A picture of the IW next to a standard outlet for size comparison!  


Side note:  I feel like those are lightsabers on display above it.

on ‎05-19-2017 05:35 AM

@ccentala in the controller go to the map view and then top left in the dropdown select topology. 


Great looking setup OP!

on ‎05-19-2017 06:03 AM

Nice Lightsabers!

on ‎05-19-2017 06:33 AM

Thanks all!


@LogikIt's not an obsession, it's just being passionate... Man Wink


@todd2982I'm glad to provide the IW size comparison; and, yes, those are lightsabers.  I even built the silver one myself from parts from the Custom Saber Shop.  

on ‎05-22-2017 02:25 PM

Nice! But why bother blurring local IP adresses?

‎05-24-2017 09:26 AM - edited ‎05-24-2017 09:26 AM

Nice setup!

Are these lightsabers on 5th picture? Please tell me they are! Man Very Happy

on ‎05-24-2017 11:28 AM

That they are.  I use them for emergency lighting when the power goes out and I can't see my network gear. Man Wink


Overglorified flashlights.Overglorified flashlights.