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Home Office Network

by a week ago - last edited a week ago

I've now fully converted to a UniFi network for my home office & house - last job is to replace the landing LR with a new AC-Pro thats just arrived & retire the couple of LRs... 









a week ago

Love your setup! Clean and tidy is where its at! What are the Dell servers doing for you?

a week ago

I agree. Quite trim!

What is the APC rack/cabinet?

Looks like it might be a short one with a door.


Another full view pic ? One with door closed?

Source. Approx $$? Looks 'spendy' but nice.


The very bottom Dell unit is the UPS, then above that the 2U unit is an external drive array, the 1U above that is the server. The server does less now that we've moved to Office365 hosted email - so it pretty much handles logins / printing / storage now. (It did have Exchange running too.) The drive array has 12x 2Tb disks in RAID6 to allow for 2 disk failures - and holds a second copy of our company data (the server holds its own seperate copy) & quite a bit of archived CCTV footage.


The rack is an APC NetShelter CX Mini - its a sound-proofed 12U rack. Very $$$ new, but I got this one used from a company that was moving office for about a tenth of the new price! (It looked like new when I got it though!)




Hello !


I have UAP-AC-LR and I want to know how many client can connect to one AP ?