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My 3rd Unifi Project

Hi Everyone!


I would like to share one of my experience with unifi system. Actually it was my one of my projects, it was sa 6 storey dormitory. I've used 17 UAP-AC-LR, 1 US 24 250W, 1 ER-X. Go bluetooth keyboard and mouse!!!!!Go bluetooth keyboard and mouse!!!!!



Tried my best here, I was stuck with a 1U cable manager, (oh well)Tried my best here, I was stuck with a 1U cable manager, (oh well)



Let's clean this up guys!Let's clean this up guys!



Other contractors for our projectOther contractors for our project



90% finished floor90% finished floor



80% finished floor80% finished floor



70% finished floor70% finished floor



Pardon with this last floor, it's still not completely finished yet.Pardon with this last floor, it's still not completely finished yet.



on ‎02-16-2017 03:37 PM

@dimapss901 => why an ER-X over a USG-3P (just to know/understand as I'm using mostly USG now, and except some cases with fiber to be installed due to distance) ?

on ‎02-19-2017 06:23 PM



Hi! in my opinion, ER-X is more powerful than the USG. You can do much more with the egde router series vs with the USG. More CLI stuff. hahahaha

‎02-19-2017 06:34 PM - edited ‎02-19-2017 06:36 PM

@dimapss901 => having more with the EdgeRouter is kind of "funny', as they use the same base firmware.

Actually, as the features almost of the EdgeRouter ARE in the USG, and they share the same firmware branch now.
If you check right now the firmware/linux kernel and main composant, and even the CLI, you'll find almost the same.
The main difference are the latest dev in the alpha/beta in the EdgeRouter not there in the USG( I suppose as it use not the beta/alpha edgerouter firmware)


After, we got the hardware base :

ER-X => mediatek MIPS 4 cores CPU

Edgerouter lite/POE  and USG-3P => Cavium octeon MIPS dual core CPU at 500 MHz

Edgerouter Pro and USG-4-P => Cavium octeon II MIPS dual core CPU at 1.2 Ghz


I did some test, and the Edgerouter-X is great, especially when using the GUI, you "feel" the 4 CPU pushing behind (the CLI is responsive), when the Cavium are really "sluggish", but when using for traffic, the offload of the Cavium is marvelous (over 1.5Gb easily for the Pro, and around 1Gb for the USG/Edgerouter POE/lite)

But I didn't tested the ER-X, especially with the new hwnat feature present since rleease 1.9 if I recall well.


So, we cannot see much difference, except that if you want BGP configuration, or PLS or any advange configuration, the EdgeROuter productl ine is "easier" to configure and test, when on the USG, you got to configure manually using the CLI and finally "create" a config.gateway.json, else, it's the same !


But good to know, thank for the information.
After over 5 years of using the UBNT product, I found hte Unifi now mature enough to be used, and without need of any edgerouter firmware, as they are the same ;-)

on ‎03-14-2017 11:19 AM

The USG is very constrained as to what you can do with the GUI and it is VERY easy to get a USG into a boot loop.  The ER series are much more stable as of right now.