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My little Network

by ‎06-12-2017 12:17 PM - edited ‎06-12-2017 03:20 PM

Hey Guys,


after "millions of installation hours" i will show u my little home network.


UniFi Security Gateway 4 Pro & UniFi Switch 24 POE-250W / UniFi Cloud Key / HP Microserver Gen8 / several Synology NAS


My new network cabinetMy new network cabinetMy new network cabinetMy new network cabinetPatchpanelPatchpanelPatchpanelPatchpanelMy "old" network cabinetMy "old" network cabinetCat7 CableCat7 Cable




on ‎06-12-2017 02:54 PM

Nice rack!

Where did you get that patch panel at?


on ‎06-12-2017 03:17 PM

It's a DIGITUS Professional CAT 6A Patch Panel.




My panel look different than you see on the website. My panel got no screws, just "quick-snaps".

But the "Product Number" is the same.

on ‎06-12-2017 11:07 PM

It looks like you untwisted quite much of the pairs before terminating in the patch panel. If your intention about running Cat7 and a Cat6/A panel is to be able to do 10 Gb/s in the future, you might be surprised.

on ‎06-12-2017 11:14 PM

Hakostra: With how the patch panel is laid out it should not be an issue. Now if they were farther out then maybe. But that is only about an inch (2.54cm) at most. I've see some at 3 inches (7.62mm) at 10G and it works just fine. 

Now your concern at having the pairs twisted till you absolutely have to untwist them is a very good practice to follow and is highly recommend.

on ‎06-13-2017 09:21 AM

Nice and neat install!

on ‎06-13-2017 08:11 PM

Wow. Look at all of those Synolgy NAS devices. If only UBNT had a NAS with similar capabilites. I need one to replace their single HDD NVR that no one on the planet with any real IT experience would call a server platform. One HDD = how long until it crashes and I loose everyting.


I want a UBNT NVR/NAS that I can populate with whatever drives I want. It has to support RAID, because drives fail. SSD failure rates are insanely lower than HDDs, but I've had a few of them fail too. Based on price per GB, most of us are still using spinners for high-capacity storage solutions.


I want/need the UBNT NAS/NVR to support SMB, AFP and NFS. If it can do all that, I'll stop buying Synolgy NASes altogether.


It's a no-brainer. UBNT, are you listening?


Cheers and good luck!

on ‎06-14-2017 04:07 PM

Shh. Don't give them any more ideas. They already take a lot of my money.

on ‎06-15-2017 01:27 AM



Ubiquiti NAS - 4 or more Bay NAS .... oh pls ... take my money Ubnt Banana

on ‎06-20-2017 05:39 AM




One Tipp for the one: do not untwist the wire-pairs of the lan-cable before feeding them it on the LSA+Connectors for getting a better damping/roll-off on the cables.


Greeting from Germany

on ‎07-07-2017 10:51 AM

Really nice work! Cheers2