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3 weeks ago
Network tidy up

Just finished up a an open cabinet installation for a client - an existing small residential installation that had been upgraded piece by piece but was a cabling spaghetti mess.  As more cables were added (to support an upgrade to Sky Q) I recommended we tidy it up.


As the main network point is in the snug, under the TV, I decided on a wood effect cabinet, supplied by Penn Elcom. It doesn't particularly match the existing cupboard, but the client is having the cupboard remade, and will have the cabinet integrated into the new cupboard on heavy duty pull-out rails, and the new cupboard will match a lot better.






The existing US-8-150 and ToughSwitch were replaced with a US-16-150 to match the rack, and the US-8-150 will be re-used to power two outdoor APs for the next phase.  






Ideally I would have mounted the USG and BT modem vertically, but didn't have enough space available to do that, so having them horizontally on a shelf is a bit of a compromise, but still workable.


The Sky Q Mini is mounted in a Penn Elcom shelf with a fascia designed specifically for the Mini - they do fascias for Sky HD, Sky Q (main & mini), Xbox, Sonos, etc. The cabinet has a power strip in the back, and existing network and HDMI cables are connected using through couplers mounted in a panel, so that the entire cabinet can be easily removed and disconnected from the fixed cables if it needs to be removed.

3 weeks ago

Hmmm I might have used that cabinet had I thought about it.


I'm in the process of (finally) sorting out my own network and basically built a 19" rack into a new bedroom wardrobe. That may sound silly but its dead centre of the house with cables coming down from loft behind back panelling - makes fitting sockets/UAPs a lot easier than running it all from garage.


Could you not have persuaded him to use something other than Sky Q? I hate those things Man Happy

3 weeks ago

Sky Q is a very odd beast - it creates some kind of tunnel network between the minis and the main box and uses the Sky Q main box for all network access, even when cabled.  You can see in the client list, each Sky Q mini box shows twice - first without an IP address but with the actual physical port connected, and second with an IP address, but showing on the port of the Sky Q main box.   If STP isn't set right, it brings the network down immediately.


I can see Sky Q being useful in places where someone is "upgrading" from a Sky HD box in the living room, and wants a bedroom and kitchen box but doesn't have any coax in place for them, but for most of our installs with multiple Sky HD boxes, it just doesn't work - putting a 2 box limitation on viewing is insane - I don't know what they were thinking.  Also, not being able to have two subscriptions at the same property so you can have Sky HD and Sky Q, or two Sky Q main boxes doesn't help Man Sad

3 weeks ago

The cabinet in the wardrobe sounds cool - as long as you don't have a USG Pro, or a 24/48 port switch.  Our rack is in our utility room in the basement, and they make a hell of a noise!

3 weeks ago

There's a USW24 going in there but its quiet as no PoE.


Contents are/will be :


1) USW24

2) USG

3) UC-CK

4) APC SC450 UPS (this is noisy when power is off)

5) 3 x PoE injectors for UAPs + USB power block for USG/UC-CK)

6) Synology DS215 (backups)

7) TD-W9970 VDSL2 modem/router


Re Sky Q - back when I was stupid enough to beta-test stuff for Sky the beta group (the ones with a brain anyway) came to the conclusion that the main problem with the Sky Q system was that Sky didn't want to give up the extra money people paid them for multiroom. That caused a whole load of unbelievably stupid design decisions/bodges. You can however get more than one sub per property, you just can't use an email address already known to Sky - that's what causes the issue believe it or not (their CRM system is unbelievably bad).

2 weeks ago

Very nice cleanup, I did almost exactly the same and was a relief to finish it and no more mess!


what about temps?


my setup as quite a bit of airflow and my us-16-150w is still constantly hovering at 64-71 degrees C (at 70 the fans engage)


My setup here: