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New Unifi 10 gig at Wispalooza Show

Even though Wispalooza is a wisp operator show, there are operators that also install UniFi so there is a UniFi section at the booth.  For alpha and beta testers, you probably won't find much new stuff, but for those that aren't beta testers I wanted to show some of the new unifi stuff being shown. 





At the top above, is the new 10-gig USG-XG enterprise router.   It features a touch screen LCD display and 8 SFP+ ports and a ethernet port. 


Below is a closeup of the LCD touchscreen.  In the config shown, port 8 is the 10-gig WAN and port 1 is the 10-gig LAN.




Going back to the first photo, the next device down is the new 10-gig enterprise XG switch with 12 SFP+ ports and 4 ethernet ports.


Below that is the new very powerful UniFi Application Server or UAS.  It comes with both UniFi Controller and the UniFi NVR pre-loaded.  It has 10-gig ethernet connections and can easily handle huge UniFi deployments and very large camera deployments. 


Below that are the 48 port and 24 port versions of the new L2 (layer 2) switches with hot swap PSU power supplies. 


Below that is a 48 port being used as a WAN bridge (with SFP+ out feeding the USG-XG) and a regular 24 port UniFi Switch.  



Another new device being shown is the UMA-D directional dual band UniFi wifi antenna.   It is connected to a mesh AP.  Below is one I deployed a while ago. 




There's also the new SHD AP with its own separate security radio.




They're also showing the nice new classy packaging for the SHD







on ‎10-10-2017 08:57 AM

Thanks so much @ClaudeSS! Always appreciate you taking the photos. Is there anything being shown at the Unifi booth that hasn't already been shared in the Beta area? 

on ‎10-11-2017 02:41 PM

See any UNIFI L3 switches as mentioned on box above perhaps....