UME 2017 - South Padre Island, TX - UniFi AC Mesh and Outdoor+

by Saturday

Ultimate Music Experience 2017


Internet for staff, artists, vendors, and media only:


100x100 mb connection

50x50 mb backup

20x20 mb backup to the backup 5 mile PtP


Rohn tower with
1x 5 Ghz Sector (for backhaul to each area)


CPEs (backhaul)
3x NSM5 (solid performance 4th year ... NBE 5AC 16/19 next year maybe...)
2x NSM5 Loco (same as above )


3x Unifi  AC Mesh
2x UniFi Outdoor+
5x AirGateway (coverage gap filler)


On the Nano Stations secondary ports were hooked up to 24 port switches in each area.


IMG_0378.JPGIMG_0393.JPEGSectorSectorUnif Outdoor+Unif Outdoor+MeshMeshIMG_0389.JPG


How was the mesh?  I am looking at using them this year at our big outdoor events.  You use a similar set up to mine.  Havent seen much thus far on actual usage from the mesh. 


zero complaints .... I have not tried wireless uplinks if that is the question ... still testing on our part, I will not try it this year maybe next year ...  I had all client APs wired to secondary on Nanostations and Lan on Loco stations.  hope this answers question