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UniFi at Hospitality - Picasso Suites Málaga

Hi friends from Ubnt Community!


We are glad to share with you this small story about a project in Picasso Suites Málaga, hospitality apartments in Málaga center. This client had a previous UniFi network running with 5UAPs connected directly to the modem-router of his ISP ( Movistar - Observa Telecom RTA01N )


As the network was running out of control with a domestic router the client decided to hire our services in order to offer his customers a proper WiFi service with QoS rules so everyone could get access to internet with fair bandwith and avoid any complaints.

Meantime, we have extended his actual WiFi to a next building still in construction. We have installed 11UAP ( still the old models). The inaguration will be next year!


Here we go with few pics, we have just finished!

You can follow us for more news and stories related:


Regards from Spain!



Our staff cleaning the UAP after final setup to remove all dirty fingerprints Smiley Tongue





UAP in apartment




Our friend with some of the hardware used.


1 (Large).jpeg


Rack in Reception


3 (Large).jpeg


Switching.. can you find the Ubnt PoE?


1 Switching.jpeg


UAPs of old installation readopted into new a new network with proper bandwidth rules for all customers.




We finished our regular CAT 5E Smiley Sadso as we had no option we used the Ubiquiti Tough Cable CARRIER CAT 5e to link both buildings.




Lovely views of Málaga´s Cathedral at the roof, aka "The One-Armed Lady", the second tower was never completed because of lack of money. WiFi is a available at roof as well.




One of the lovely apartments...



on ‎11-02-2015 09:14 PM
Awesome job on the cable bundling
on ‎11-07-2015 01:07 AM

Thanks @Ryoohk!