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UniFi at Official College of Architectural Technicians & Building Engineers in Málaga

Hi dear Ubnt Community


Back again with our latest WiFi project at Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos of Málaga, Spain ( Official College of Architectural Technicians & Building Engineers )




Main problem in this situation were constant complaints from users when connected,  WiFi signal strength suddenly used to drop down when WiFi was demanded ( 80 devices aprox). The client had a previous WiFi network powered by TP Link homeline AP. Every AP had is own SSID like WIFI1 / WIFI2 / WIFI3 and different WPA Keys.

At certain reach of connections ( 10 devices )  the users started complaing about no internet althoug having the TPlink AP close to the device.



My client wanted:

 - Transparent and easy WiFi Setup. 1 Single WiFi Network. Shared WiFi access through one single password and easy to chage on demand.

- No Maintenance. No more calls to tech services. No more AP rebooting when user complaints. Mad5


- Full WiFi Coverage in most locations & building

- Control over connections / WPA shared key changed every certain time.

- Transparent and easy WiFi Setup. No hotspot.



Hardware used for this project:


· 7x UniFi LR Access Point

· 1x Router for IP / DHCP / QoS 

· 1Ubnt Tough Switch 5p + 3 Standard PoE


There we go with the project pictures...


Main Building




UAP List


MAP Diagram.jpg


UAP in Classroom Training Entrance




UAP at Library / Meeting Room ( we had no other option to place the AP in order to respect the environment )





Hall & Secretary








UAP in office




Gardener House & Common Areas and Gardens with WiFi







Routing + Switching




We made the network work better, run faster, easier for more users to connect.

We think we can consider this story as a success!


Please, follow us on:




More info:  info@wifisolutions.es


Thanks to everyone, specially to our client and our network dealer Landatel Comunicaciones!

Gracias a todos!


WiFi Solutions


on ‎08-09-2015 10:42 AM
Awesome job. Thanks for sharing.
on ‎08-09-2015 11:53 PM

Looks nice but we would suggest WPA2-enterprise and turn off the LEDs.



on ‎08-10-2015 11:23 AM

Thanks to all your comments!


We have contacted to our client this morning and everything is working fine, cero complaints!




WPA was set as WPA2 Entreprise and the encharge of the institution wanted the LEDs ON just to verify visually that everything is running fine.





WiFi Solutions

by Previous Employee UBNT-Austin
on ‎08-12-2015 11:05 AM

Great write up! Thank you for sharing!

on ‎08-16-2015 02:27 PM
Love the story! just motivation for me to push my business!!! keep up the good work
on ‎08-17-2015 03:13 PM

Thanks for all your good comments. Everything is working fine and our client is very happy with this professional solution.


We will keep updating more stories!




WiFi Solutions