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UniFi meets Classical Luxury Villa!

Hi dear Ubnt Community


One of our clients has a lovely Villa at Marbella, Málaga, Spain.




This customer a had a very poor WiFi signal with a low bandwith (1.2Mbs via ADSL, yes, 1.2Mbs Mad5). He asked us for a better ISP with higher bandwith and a proper WiFi network covering main halls, rooms and garden.


His family felt literally disconnected from world, simple things like sending emails or using social networks were impossible.


With the benefits of UniFi´s Entreprise system... the idea was very clear.


Hardware used:


- 4 UniFi UAP LR ( No Wireless Uplinks)

- 1 Router for DHCP/QoS

- 1 8 port switch

- 1 Modem Router with 4G ilimited access (100MB´s- 40MB´s)

- UTP Cat 5e - 60 meters


You can follow us for more news and stories related:


Regards from Marbella, aka Spanish California, and Merry Christmas for everyone from the Community!




Room Section




Dinning Room




Hall covered with WiFi


la foto 5.JPG


Our security team keeping an eye on our hardware Smiley Tongue


la foto 3.JPG


The elevated location of the Villa made impossible to any cable ISP offer a reasonable bandwidth.


la foto 1.JPG


External view of main house







on ‎12-19-2015 05:56 AM

Clean Setup!!


Thanks for sharing your deployment with the community.

on ‎12-19-2015 02:12 PM

Thanks @DStahl!


We enjoy sharing this stories with the community! And the best part is that in each post we get new knowledge and tips for future deployments!


Regards from Spain.

on ‎12-20-2015 03:01 AM

@mikrotikagp Nice setup, nice location and nice house :-)

on ‎12-21-2015 08:01 AM

Thanks @jjonsson!


The location and houses in Marbella are really nice!