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UniFi meets Clinica Sohail

Hi friends


This might be an unusual story. The founder of WiFi Solutions had a muscular problem (pectoral tear) and went through multiple doctors. After dealing with lot of professionals for a proper recovery he found a place recommended by a friend.


While he was doing his treatment, Dr. Abdel once asked the patient what his occupation was. The doctor was surprised by all the succesfull stories of our customers. He thought that may be he could need our services.


As the conversation went farther, Dr. Abdel told him hat he was fed up with all his computer / network problems. He had someone in salary who care about all this network and computers. He was not happy with his service, and he did not know how to handle the situation even buying lot a range extender, expensive (200€) AC routers for gamers.


We offered him our computer mantainance and networking services, but first we had to see his real needs and present configuration.


The clinic has:


- 1 HP Server Windows 2008r2. The server stores a SQL database shared (Third-party ) for all the host client.

- 6 iMac ( Windows 10 x64 with BootCamp, yes they need Windows for the server shared application to run)

- 1 Acer Laptop with W7 and 2GB

- 1 iPad mini for video recording

- 1 Intel Based Pc


- Student smartphones / iPads at weekends. The Clinic offers courses of advanced theraphy. ( aprox 15 devices )

- Customer smarthphones ( aprox. 10 devices )





- 1 Router Movistar with Optic Fiber (30MBps)

- 1 Router A**** Three band

- 1 PLC with WiFi range extender option enabled with cloned SSID from ISP´s router


Staff computers and customer´s smartphones were connected to the same network!




- Networking connectivity problems: while the staff use to upgrade the patient´s history from the application failed displaying: "A network problem has been detected. Please contact your network administrator".

- Slow computers. Something we did not understand because they were up to i5 with 8GB RAM.

- Slow web browsing with 30MBps D /30MBps U




- 1Router with two separated subnetworks with QoS Rules

- 1 Switch to use ethernet over WiFi where it was possible.

- 2 UniFi UAPLR with 3 different SSID ( admin / Customers / Students) Will apply FB login captive portal in future.

- Do a proper computer mantanaince: clean and optimice W10 with software tools and migratation from HD to SSD or downgrade to Windows 7.


Here we go with some pics:


Main AP


Ana Final.jpg


Our friend Diego wih a lovely 1st generation UAP being mounted...









Off topic: Ooppss! We found this "moustache" inside the Acer laptop while upgrading ( clonning ) the HD to SSD. The computer used to take 10 mins to boot, now in 1 minute the desktop and all apps are avaible after SSD and "moustache" and fan cleaning. No need to buy a new one Dr. Abdel Man Happy




Switching area




Dr. Abdel´s desk. Late 2012 iMac running with Windows 7 and SQL ( ethernet )




After two weeks of service everthing works like charm and WiFi Solutions has been asked to do all the computer mantenaince and as well be incharged of all IT services. We know at least that our network is not going to cause more headaches to our customer. Just cause you are in IT does not mean you follow best practices!



Thanks for your time friends!

Regards from Spain








on ‎02-16-2016 02:33 PM

Nice writeup!

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎02-16-2016 02:39 PM


on ‎02-16-2016 09:59 PM

Awsome! Setup... Hurray

on ‎02-17-2016 05:13 AM

No HIPAA over there???

on ‎02-17-2016 12:11 PM

As usual great setup, my friend.

on ‎03-01-2016 09:45 PM

Very good!