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2 weeks ago
Unifi Home Setup: Wallmounted Network Closet

I finally completed wall mounting my Ubiquiti gear in a closet in our finished basement. I pulled new Cat6 into the closet to start off the project. The existing ethernet in the house all joined up in an undesirable spot in an unfinished section of the basement. I pulled enough cable over to this closet to extend all the existing drops in the house, as well as added an additional cat6 line to the outside of the back of the house, and also pulled in a coax line to this closet. The coax in the house terminated at the same spot the existing ethernet did. I currently have Comcast cable internet. I will be switching to FIOS very soon (now that this is done) and will still use the coax as I won't be using the provided Actiontec router but will instead replace it with a MoCA bridge.


Previous to this I simply had my network setup next to my desk where my PC was. It was well organized, but I wanted it all in a closet nicely mounted and out of the way. I was only using an 8 port switch initially (US-8-60W) but then got this US-24-250W AT switch in the beta giveway (thank you so much UBNT) from a couple months ago. So now I'm finally using the 24p switch, it was just sitting in the box prior to this.

Here's a run down of all the equipment I used in the below build.


Ubiquiti Network gear:
* USG 3P
* Cloud Key
* US-24-250W-AT [beta]
* UAP-AC-IW-PRO [beta]
* US-8-60W


Mounts, Power, & Gear:
* CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS
* UPS wallmount
* Belkin Power strip
* Monoprice 1U wallmount bracket [patch panel]
* Monoprice 24-port Keystone Jack Panel
* Cat6 black keystone jacks
* Monoprice coax keystone
* Navepoint 1U vertical wallmount rack


Here's the finished product.




Build Progress Pics:


Pulling the network cable into the closet. There was crappy wire shelving and a clothes rod in the closet I removed. I'll put new and better shelving up in the near future.





I bought a small piece of plywood, cut it to fit the wall, and painted it with some light gray interior wall paint we had sitting around. Behind the plywood it's mounted to the wall with two 2x3's to space it out from the wall to allow me to run wires behind the plywood.


At this point you can see I've added the 1U keystone patch panel, terminated all the Cat6, mounted the 1U wallmount rack below the plywood, and wallmounted my UPS. There was a light switch in the closet for the overhead light, so it was simple to add an electrical outlet to the closet. The outlet (directly below the light switch) is on the opposite wall from the equipment, you can see the power cord for the UPS run along the baseboard.





More progress. Cable Modem mounted, 24p switch in place, some patch cords run and cables tied, and added the power strip.





More components laid out and mounted, USG, CK, and a Sonos Bridge. Took out the 24p switch here as I drilled holes in the plywood to run the wires once I knew how I wanted to lay out the components. I figured most of the cable would run into a hole in the middle of the plywood and components would be mounted around the center. Seemed to make sense at the time and I like the decision I made.





Here it is completed. I'm really happy with how it came out. I used 3M Command velcro strips to mount everything to the plywood. I've already removed the Sonos Bridge and switched my Sonos setup to just use wifi as I have great coverage in the house now. That bridge is from 2013 when I first bought my Sonos speaker and we had spotty wifi with the single crappy Linksys router/AP that I had.






Not shown here is the UAP-AC-PRO, US-8-60W, and UAP-AC-IW-PRO. The US-8-60W is on the other end of the finished basement and I have my main Hackintosh PC wired into it and I currently have the UAP-AC-PRO running off of it.


Both the UAP-AC-PRO and the UAP-AC-IW-PRO are in the basement and provide great coverage to the upstairs (even 5Ghz). The UAP-AC-PRO is sitting high up on a shelf in the basement pointing towards the ceiling at the front of the house. The UAP-AC-IW-PRO is in the basement at the back of house in the same room as this network closet.

Here's my network topology:






Improvements up next:
-- Install the UAP-AC-M I still have sitting in the box out on the back deck to give better coverage outside.
-- upgrade to FIOS. The ONT will be added to that board, the Cable Modem removed, and then a MoCA bridge will be added.
-- Move the UAP-AC-IW-PRO to the Kitchen upstairs (currently under construction due to remodel)
-- Add a UAP-AC-IW to the basement.
-- Figure out if I want to keep the UAP-AC-PRO or replace it with another UAP-AC-IW.


Hope you enjoyed.  Thank you.  



2 weeks ago

Nicely done OP. I especially like that you routed the cables around the back of the board - I'm not sure if it's easy to maintain or not, but it looks very clean.


Two thoughts:

1. Personal preference - I would mount the switch ports down (or even sideways) to avoid dust falling into the unused ports. Alternatively, you may wish to get a bag of RJ45 jacks and just put them in.

2. Your FiOS ONT should have an ethernet port. If you are not using cable or phone, just pure internet, you can ask them to turn on the ethernet port on the ONT and run ethernet the entire way without the need for a MoCA bridge. It literally takes them 30 seconds to provision and that's that. You only need the their router and the bridge if you want two-way DVR ("On-Demand") or caller ID on the phones.

2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

Thanks vnangia.  


My thoughts.
1.) Agree, ports facing up wasn't ideal.  However I didn't want to mount the switch upside down that low on the wall, and I didn't want to mount the switch up higher (where the plywood is now).  I didn't want to mount it sideways because the fans are on the side, so same issue with dust/dirt getting inside.  So I went with this.  You can get dust covers that plug into each port, have them on order.

2.) Yup, done this before.  ONT will have the gigE port turned on.  I'll have both tv and internet, that's what the MoCA bridge is for.  It will allow ethernet communication with the STB over the coax.  I don't need their router at all with this setup and the DVR functionality will still work.  What will not work is Remote Access to the DVR.  VOD and Guide will still work.  See option 9 in this link.  https://www.dslreports.com/faq/16077

2 weeks ago

Love the look Man Happy  I might have to do similar.

2 weeks ago

I'm a fan of these for those times you have no option other than to mount the switch face up.  



2 weeks ago

@gthrift  Yup, that's what I have on order!  

2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

We're working on something similar, but not by choice.  Working on finding everything we need to support 96 ports as well as an RF amplifier for TV drops. Right now, we're really hoping they're able to leave us with at least 8" of depth so we can do a 4U vertical for the switches and patch panels.  I think we're doing either 6 or 8 of these closets.



2 weeks ago

Nice setup.  This gives me some ideas as I am in the middle of rebuilding my home setup as well.  Basement remodel is giving me the hassle/opportunity to move all of my gear under the stairs into a closet and have been struggling with the "plan" on how things will be mounted and laid out.

2 weeks ago

Very nice set up there.....The only thing I might have tried to impletment with plywood is to add a couple of hinges to the left hand side so that it could perhaps open up like a door in order to get easy access to the cables behind it.....make it easy to remove or add new devices to the set up.

2 weeks ago

Looks great OP. I would recommend something like https://www.amazon.com/RJ45-Jack-Snap-Cover-Inside/dp/B001S52NX8 to cover up the open ports on the switch. Not too expensive and would finish it nicely.

a week ago

@harjms Iagree  Yup, see the post by gthrift a few above yours.  Already installed.  Cheers2