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a week ago
Unifi Hotel-Hotspot Germany
Reason for Installation
770 meter CAT.7 Networkcable inhouse 15 Unifi AP AC LR 1 x 24 Port Poe Unifi Swicht (250W)
Used Products
Trier, Germany

Hi everyone from germany!

Today we finished the Hotspot-Wireless Setup in a big hotel.


Its amazing to see how good the unifi controller works. The setup was very easy. 3 VLANs for seperate SSID. The small server runs PFsense with captive portal and provides the vlan networks for separate permissons.


all begins with cablemanagement! -.-








Lets start with first main lines for Internetconnections from the provider.




Connect and install the APs on the wall.




Connect the cable to the PoE Switch.




Make everything nice and clean.











We build 3 SSID Networks


1. Wireless-Lan for Hotel Guests VLAN 10 (Captive Portal with login vouchers codes, powered by PFsense)

2. Wireless-Lan for Private user VLAN 20 (WPA2 Preshared Key, Network rules by PFsense)

3. Wireless-Lan for Embloyee VLAN 30 (WPA2 Preshared Key, Network rules with limiter by PFsense)


All Accesspoints runing perfect roaming.


Thanks UBNT for this amazing Products!

Next time we will use UBNT again and again and again!


Greetings from KN-Net IT Solutions from Germany!

a week ago

What server is that? The one which runs pfSense. I have been looking for a short-depth server for pfSense for a while, but can't find any :/

a week ago

I know your problem. I had the same with these projket.

But after 2 hours searching I found a website from a germany company in berlin.

This server is at least 25cm short and can handle 2 x 2.5 inch HDD or SSD or 1 HDD 3.5 inch.

includes a intel celeron with TDP of 10 watts. In this projekt we inserted a Intel Network card witch PCIe raser.

All in all this server costs about 400€.

Here is this server: https://shop.yakkaroo.de/19-zoll-mini-itx-server-1he-emu-a12-intel-celeron-25cm-kurz

I hope I can help you!

a week ago

@maxkoning - Depending on what you need, SuperMicro has some nice options that are ~10" deep.  I've had good luck with the 5018A-FTN4 for pfSense boxes.

a week ago

Patch panel is meant to have cable ties on each cable on those little metal tabs.


This prevents any strain on the cable/ports when moving the patch panel Man Happy

a week ago


Your Patchpanel looks bad, why buy PIMF Cable an dont use it?

a week ago

Oh does it looks so bad?

Okay your installation is more beatiful, but my patchpanel is grounded too.

All connections are working good and all APs are online and operating.

Next time we will do it "better".

PS: The pictures were taken by installing. Thats not the finished panel, cable ties are used.

a week ago




This is not about beautiful.......

Did you measure your lines?


If you see port flapping in future, then you know where to search




a week ago



Looks like a good installation.


I have something similar coming up early 2018, how are you managing the upcoming GDPR requirements with this setup ?





a week ago

How come the cables are not grounded to the ground strip? mmh!

a week ago
Your cables aren't grounded, you need to remove the sheath of the cable and clamp to the metal coating.