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Unifi at SouthEast Linux Fest 2017

This is the 4th year that I did the network/wifi for the SouthEast Linux Fest held in Charlotte, NC June 9-11, 2017. This year we had the best network yet. 

Year 1 We used UAP pro

Year 2 We used the frist gen AC units

Year 3 We used 7 AC pros

Year 4 We used 10 AC pros and one uap


For the router we ran a vm for pfsense, mostly hp switchs and all unifi APs.




Here is the NOC where we had the servers and main switch. 4 years ago we ran the cable in the hotel event space and are able to reuse them year after year.



Here is the main switch, this is a HP 1910-24G.




Diamond with her BSD horns from IX systems. 





This is the traffic chart of the main internet access 



Here is the APs on a layout of the map. This screenshot was taken during the take down so only one AP was still online.





We were very happy with the speed over wireless. During the show people were able to speed test and get near 200 mbps down over the event wifi. 



The unifi app for my cellphone was a big help in allowing me to get a overview of the network.




Even for a linux event there were a lot of apple devices.



Total Down 704.74 GiB Total Up 45.24 GiB

Staff Down 216.65 GiB staff Ip13.70 GiB

Wired Guest Down 107.94 GiB Wired Guest Up 1.79 GiB

Wireless Guest Down 381.50 GiB  Wireless Guest Up 31.06 GiB

Peak down 348 Mbit 95th 120 mbit

Peak up 25 mbit

Uniqure wireless clients ~400

Peak wireless users 227

~85% of wireless clients was 5ghz

~50% of wireless clients was 5 ghz 802.11AC 


I would like to thank @jacobegan1 for helping me setup it up and to http://www.altispeed.com/ for loaning me the APs/most of the switches. 


on ‎06-14-2017 06:35 AM

@zunder1990  Great story.  UniFi really delivers nicely with crowds.


At the horse show I recently did, I also found the vast majority of wireless connected devices to be Apple.  It was like 6/1 Apple to other manufactures.