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WIFI for Tent on a State Fair/Event

hy community

we are on the search for the best wifi solution.

We equip tent fixtures with checkout systems.

The systems work via WIFI and send TCP packets.

There is a server and usually about 10 clients.

The systems must be operated on 5 GHZ Wifi in order to compensate for the interference of possible amateur radio microphones.

Currently we have however with all routers (Netgear Nighthawk 5300AC, ASUS RT-AC68U ...) always the problem that when the tent fills the Wlan connection becomes so weak that you can no longer be used.

We now want to use the Unfi Mesh solution.

Can anyone of you recommend how I can create such systems as simple as possible without much effort and which components I would need.

We do not need internet connection (WAN)

The tents are usually 180 ft x 65 ft.

If you have further questions please ask simply I will answer you gladly.

I'm looking forward to your answers.

Thanks in advance.

on ‎10-10-2017 01:46 PM

3 Ubiquiti Unifi AC PRO access points mounted inside hanging from the ceiling.tent inside.pngtent outside.png

on ‎10-10-2017 02:49 PM

This should not be posted as a story, but I will add to @cdepew's comments by suggesting a US-8-150W as your network switch/power supply for the UAP's.  


The Mesh radios might not save you any pain; you will still need power for them.


Where will the server be located?

on ‎10-10-2017 11:54 PM

Hello thanks for your detailed answer. When I have found the perfect components, I complete the story ;-)


I think is best if briefly describe the devices of the cash register system.




We are using Octobox a POS System for Andorid. It works like "Orderman" if anybody now it. 


We have always a Router vor the WLAN conections. Currently we take the Netgear Nighthawk AC5300. But this only a consumer Router.


The Octobox POS System is running on a Tablet as Server. (Wifi connection) We use the LENOVO TAB 3 Business.

For the waiter input there are about 8 pices Galaxy Xcover 4.

For the Print we use Epson TM 70 II WLAN 5GHZ.


The devices synchronize constantly with the server.


All Systems are running on 5 GHZ.


All devices (1Server and 8Clients) exchange only in about 200 MB per hour. We only use TCP packets.

The most important is not our speed, but the stability.

At the time when the tent is full the connections usually collapses . A data transfer is then to difficult and the POS system stops due the bad data traffic. Or much Paket losses.


Okay why i prefer Mesh ?


We rent the systems as self-built ready2use systems to our customers.

So it would be the best if we could simply set up several meshpoints so that the cabling is not needed.


We don `t need any Internetconnection or LAN`s. So  i heard that the UniFi Mesh UAP - AC - M can work in a Stand alone Modus.


I would like to use for the application. But I do not know if it is possible.


I have a short drawing of the current set up attached.

With this installation work we currentlyMount.jpg

on ‎10-11-2017 12:17 AM

No, this isn't a story and will not as such attract forum members to advise you on equipment and set up. Should be in the UniFi forum for best attention.

on ‎10-11-2017 01:19 PM

This is not a story.