small residential rental building setup.

by 2 weeks ago
I currently own a 8 unit townhouse building. I am looking to offer the residents wifi as part of their rent. 
Here is the equipment I am looking to use.
Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key
Ubiquiti Networks 8-Port UniFi Switch, Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch with SFP, 150W
Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG)
Ubiquiti Unifi Ap-AC Lite (UAPACLITEUS)

I would really like to put the access points in the basement of every other unit. there are 3 floor's for each unit. I am hoping 3 AP's will cover the building.  Each unit has a cinderblock wall separating it.

I would like to be able to set up a VLAN for each unit. I was reading through the manuals and was not sure if I could do this?
I would appriciate any suggestions.  Thanks
2 weeks ago

You should've posted in the community discussion forum, not in the stories section. 

2 weeks ago

@brieman => yep, post it in the forum section, you'll have plenty of help, including me ;-)

2 weeks ago