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unifi upgrade at home

i run a small home computer repair business ... and this is the latest ugrade to the Lan and wifi . the shopping list 




Cloud key

24 port 250watt PoE

8 port 150watt PoE

4x uap-ac-m

 Main Servers and networking gearMain Servers and networking gear

bedroom media PC and 8 port PoE switchbedroom media PC and 8 port PoE switchOutdoor Ap4Outdoor Ap4Outdoor Ap1Outdoor Ap1basic outlay ,basic outlay ,and result awsome ... only word for it totaly awsome. all devices max throughput from xbox to iphones and all breeds of tablet (even the old laptop i use for media in the shed is now on over 300mb/s ) , multi HD cameras and  media server coexist happly . along with the gamers , LOVE this gear . keep it comeing..... cisco can keep there hamster in a wheel.... its almost dead anyway (with there prices), we have UNIFI!!! cheap , high quility, and works soooo well .... (ps PLEASE PLEASE keep that upgrade path happening gamers NEED UPNP2) and with a cloudkey its upto you guys Man Happy 

on ‎09-01-2017 02:00 AM

Hi There,


May I ask why you have the ER8-Pro and the USG?