[FIRMWARE] for UAP/USW has been released

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎02-14-2017 05:21 AM (46,184 Views)

Hi all, 


We've prepared firmware Please see below for the changelog and links to the firmware binaries. 


Firmware changes from 3.7.39:

  • [UAPG3] Enable RADIUS VLAN support.*
  • [UAPG3] Enable 802.11w support.**
  • [UAPG3] Enable international DFS support (except US/CA). 
  • [UAPG3] Fix spurious reboots of AC-HD.
  • [UAPG1/G2] Fix issue with TX buffer management. Should help with upgrade issues, and WLAN schedule problems due to stuck VAPs with log message `Timeout waiting for vap to stop` (UNIFI-374).***
  • [UAPG1] Change default CPU clock to 400MHz for AR724x/QCA933x based UAP. Prevents second harmonic interference at 780MHz. 
  • [UAP] Revert DHCP broadcast to unicast conversion as default behaviour. It will be a configurable option in controller UI in a future release.
  • [UAP] Fix a couple issues with current RADIUS VLAN code.
  • [UAP] Enable dropbear DSS support.
  • [USW] Update webRTC terminal client to 1.0.8.

*When using RADIUS VLAN on AC-HD, the active VAPs will not be offloaded, which will cause lower than expected performance. This is being worked on.

**Controller support pending.

***You may need to 1) set the radios to the disabled WLAN group, and then 2) reboot each UAP to be able to upgrade to this firmware. Once on this firmware, you should have no problems upgrading to newer firmware.




The UniFi team