[FIRMWARE] for UAP/USW has been released | Stable

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎09-27-2018 12:12 PM (116,595 Views)

We've prepared firmware Please see below for the changelog and links to the firmware binaries.


Firmware changes since 3.9.42: 

  • [UAPG3] Fix bandsteering when using channel 144.
  • [UAPG3] Fix IP endianness issue. 
  • [UAPG3] Fix DPI blocking support.
  • [UAPG2/G3] Add advanced guest isolation support.*
  • [UAPG2/G3] Add simple DNS tracking for client STAs to syslog.
  • [UAPG2/G3] Fix a leak which may cause provisioning/upgrade issues (`Timeout waiting for OL vap X to stop` in syslog).
  • [UAPG2/G3] Fix 802.1X identity so it works when Fast Roaming is enabled.
  • [XG/BaseStationXG] Add multi interface uplink support.
  • [BaseStationXG] Enable OLED display support. 
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Add 802.11k support.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Add 802.11r support.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Add support for minimum PHY rate control.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Improve wireless uplink stability.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Update 802.11k scan policy.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Enhance bandsteering and set daemon to 802.11v BSS Transition Management (BTM) only mode.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Fix client STA can't connect after WLAN schedule executed (reported HERE).
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Fix bug which would cause default SSIDs to broadcast in some cases.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD] Stability and performance improvements. 
  • [IW-HD] Add DFS support.
  • [IW-HD] Add wired 802.1X support.*
  • [IW-HD] Fix an issue with client STA roaming.
  • [IW-HD] Fix scheduling while atomic bug which caused the management daemon to crash (reported HERE).
  • [UAP] Add loop detection to wireless uplink.
  • [UAP] Fix a bug in RADIUS MAC Auth provisioning.
  • [UAP] Fix throughput drop (reported HERE).
  • [UAP] Fix bug with rate limiting support (reported HERE). 
  • [UAP] Fix a bug which allowed fast roaming to be enabled on SSIDs that are either open or using WEP.
  • [UAP] Reduce uplink-monitor log spam.
  • [USW] Fix false RX Fault errors showing on some UF-RJ45-1G modules.
  • [USW] Fix SNMPv3 fast-apply fail due to special characters in password.
  • [USW] Fix switch LAG link failed bug.
  • [USW] Fix a memory leak.
  • [USW] Fix false alerts when fan running at low duty.
  • [USW] Fix SSDP packet forwarding issue.
  • [USW] Fix false overheating alerts.
  • [USW] Fix LAG port LED off issue.
  • [HW] Improve firmware update error code reporting.
  • [HW] Fix device inform issue with DNS resolving to wildcard IPs.
  • [HW] Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

*Controller support pending.


NOTE: You may start to see EVT_AP_RestartProc events in the controller log. If you see these, please report if there is anything specifically in your setup that triggers the events. The processes restarting is not new, but the reporting of the restarting is, and we are using these reports to clean up these issues.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In preparation for an upcoming code merge, we've updated the minimum firmware version to 3.9.42 for certain hardware. That means if you flash this firmware onto any HD/SHD/XG/BaseStationXG then you will not be able to downgrade to firmware prior to 3.9.42. 



*This firmware is meant to be a one file solution that works with all models of UniFi switch. You can use it when upgrading from 3.9.40+ only. It will not work when upgrading from earlier releases.


Any and all feedback is welcome, including lettings us know about successful device upgrades. When reporting an issue, please ensure that you include the following information:

  1. Controller version.
  2. Firmware version (previous and current). 
  3. Device model(s). 

Links are all HTTPS. This assumes your device(s) are currently running at least 3.7.51, and that the device's date is properly set (i.e. it can reach a NTP server). If you encounter issues with the upgrade, or your device isn't on a minimum supported firmware, then you can change the link to HTTP before performing the upgrade.