UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor LTS Announcement

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎09-11-2017 07:19 AM - edited ‎11-02-2017 11:53 AM (56,978 Views)

So for those who have followed UniFi over the last 5+ years, you know the effort we’ve put into continually adding features (cloud, software, and firmware) to even our first-released product (the UAP).


To this day, we are still adding features for the UAP, and other first-generation models:

  1. UAP (and UAPv2) T
  2. UAP-LR (and UAP-LRv2) T
  3. UAP-PRO  T
  4. UAP-IW *
  5. UAP-Outdoor *
  6. UAP-Outdoor5 *
  7. UAP-Outdoor+ *


* Denotes models which are no longer produced

T Denotes models which are not recommended for new designs.


As above, we continue to add functionality to models which are no longer produced (and haven’t been produced for quite some time).


In fact we’re at feature-parity on many of these models (hardware permitting) with current second-generation and third-generation models.  


We even made a `v2` UAP and `v2` UAP-LR after one of our suppliers stopped producing a key component to these designs, to allow our integrators (who say may have this in a certified design) to keep purchasing these models in support of their customers.


This said, there are two first-generation models we will be moving to Long Term Support (LTS) only (i.e. security and stability updates only; no new features):


  • UAP-AC *
  • UAP-AC-Outdoor *

Why are we doing this?


  • Adding features to these two models has proven overall more costly to our customers than of benefit.
    • Attempts to add features to these models have frequently resulted in regressions impacting customers using these models - but more importantly - users of all Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 models.
  • So in an effort to maintain quality (and add features) across the majority of UniFi lines, we will be moving the UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor to this long-term-support model.


When are we doing this?

  • UniFi Controller 5.6.x (firmware version 3.8.x) will be the LTS release for the UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor models
  • UniFi Controller 5.7+ will not support the UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor models


The UniFi Team