[USG] Firmware 4.3.39 Now Available

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎04-08-2017 04:55 PM (19,027 Views)

This release contains the following changes since 4.3.37 (last publicly-released version).

  • DHCP client hostname DNS registration improvements - strip invalid characters and register the remaining, and allow periods. Removed 'host-decl-name' from registration consideration, so hosts with DHCP reservations defined in the controller will have the client-provided client hostname registered.
  • Back end fix for DPI statistics retention coming in 5.6.3 controller
  • Several Debian package dependencies updated to match latest EdgeRouter stable release.
  • dnsmasq upgraded to same as latest EdgeRouter stable release.  
  • Adds back end allowing disabling SSH, for coming controller-side feature.
  • Fixed RADIUS server service not being restarted in some cases where required, cause of RADIUS not working post-upgrade with previous upgrades.
  • Fix for IPsec reloading problem after bootup and IP changes with DHCP WANs
  • Added back end for site to site IPsec VPN status and statistics in the controller.