[USG] Firmware v4.4.12 now available

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎11-09-2017 05:41 PM (56,216 Views)

Changes from v4.4.8 (last release version) as follows. 

  • Fix crash in "mcad" where there were DHCP leases with hardware addresses longer than an actual MAC address. 
  • Includes more packages with debug symbols available to help diagnose crashes from submitted core files. 
  • Fix crash in ubnt-util
  • Fix crash in "redirector"
  • Note: GeoIP back end has been removed from previous dev build because of variety of problems, will be re-introduced once those are addressed. 
  • Fix DHCPv6 client problem causing renewal failures in some circumstances. 
  • Dynamic DNS back end updates in preparation for expanding DDNS support in controller
  • L2TP VPN permitted encryption algorithms tightened to remove weak ciphers. All reasonably modern clients are already using a strong option, so there will be no change in behavior. Some ancient clients may not support any of these options. 
  • UniFi reporting back end additions for IPv6
  • USG-XG-8 specific:
    • Several display-related fixes and improvements
    • Fan control improvement for noise reduction at low fan speeds. 
    • Bluetooth back end additions



  • USG
    • md5:  133dc802ff2e724f5451472f7d50bbc8
    • sha256:  1e523c56cf20ccebea8e15ef7e245bfa54a271d053925ef1c4b5adc9ee82b17b
  • USG Pro
    • md5:  a3b93eb8e7b3aac8ffb02cbc00999bd9
    • sha256:  0b0aa49f4f5e51474b5e0e166a5fc04fc19e16b5015993dd6c5c7864881139a9
  • USG-XG-8
    • md5:  b75184d75a01df920cd5fcec7303bf4b
    • sha256:  6feb7e5d187e963a9b54eae866749a8bafe340a4907d0e298038931f665b6290