[USG] Firmware v4.4.29 now available

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎09-21-2018 06:09 AM (95,989 Views)

Note: If you are running a 5.8.x or 5.9.x controller, you should upgrade to 5.8.30 or 5.9.26 (or newer if available at the time you're reading this) prior to upgrading USG.


Changes since v4.4.28 as follows. 

  • Fix crash in speed test encountered when a speed test server refused or abandoned a connection. The same underlying problem exhibited itself in multiple completely different ways. For some, USG went to disconnected in the controller. In other cases, USG was re-adopting repeatedly, or showed up an inform error. 
  • Restore logging of specific error conditions from controller. Recent USG, UAP and USW firmware versions would log "decrypt error" for all error responses from controller. 
  • Fix image/css path issue introduced in 4.4.28 in USG's local web UI. 
  • Upgrade Suricata to 4.0.5. Don't mind the "4.0.0-dev" version string you might see in the logs, it's 4.0.5 and future versions will show the actual version in place of that instead. 



  • USG
    • md5:  793a3c5a6f27533c4a4757dab19b49b6
    • sha256:  6f0c882a2ab7912edfda4ab69f5b25f0320da92419ada037e986eefe4423ae1c
  • USG Pro
    • md5:  7e5d9383cda16b89357059f67bf3de65
    • sha256:  dc2e62726f106e9c739df121a0990009122c3e54aae06ad96b28c216c8da271b
  • USG-XG-8
    • md5:  24d82907d1db80c28dd28556910a4d9f
    • sha256:  621d4cb2540470f63f6d1b21fa8305f95f411d2b6d028725cacc83b9cc6bf521