[USG] Firmware v4.4.36 now available

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎12-11-2018 05:01 PM (53,522 Views)

Only one change since v4.4.34, however an important one for some use cases.

  • Do not clear IPs from DHCP WAN interface in PREINIT of a forced renewal. The primary problem symptom is when the system is provisioned by the controller when booting up (most always only the first boot post-upgrade). 

    In all firmware versions prior to this, that provisioning would remove the WAN IP then go through the DHCP lease process. This would leave a single WAN system with no Internet connectivity for a few seconds at least, and in multi-WAN cases, would cause a failover and fail back. In most cases, that was the only noticable symptom and it self-recovered without any problems, but in some it could cause issues that require another reboot post-upgrade. In multi-WAN cases, it could cause WAN to stay in a down state on the first bootup post-upgrade. In normal operation of the system, there are no forced DHCP renewals (this isn't relevant to the normal process of DHCP renewal). 





  • USG
    • md5:  15e5f0e2b926fe1259556a096260fdba
    • sha256:  c4eec3a41c45ab0f3a90c05e0902cedceece5c2e02cd6ee3a63e5450256e45c0
  • USG Pro
    • md5:  82e244e306045f4b81b4a311b30c3c03
    • sha256:  cfab382991c712c561927a0bd5c302d17548e346b504f9450095129083b47d91
  • USG-XG-8
    • md5:  828b32f88efdb28be13ba1225c256da5
    • sha256:  16e72b1c9024afbc9dd2da2c27c719f514d22fef8aa3df051bfc52c45ef5f501