UniFi 3.2.5 is released

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UniFi 3.2.5 is our newest official General Availability Release.



Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation.


Release Note

  • Bug Fixes

From 3.2.1->3.2.5

  • CTRL - MAC installer fails to upgrade from v2 or v3 properly.
  • CTRL - MAC installer missing css.
  • CTRL - Fixed Linux Installer fails to upgrade with previous database.
  • CTRL - Disable allowing Zero Handoff on DFS channels.
  • CTRL - Fixed Events time filtering not working until other selections are made.
  • CTRL - Fixed External portal code delays when there are many APs. This is a fix in the sample external portal code. Not inside the Controller.
  • CTRL - Fixed UI slows when lots of maps with lots of AP.
  • CTRL - Fix MAC installer wiping out old database if previous version's controller is not closed.
  • CTRL - Remove PC/MAC wording in Linux installation.
  • CTRL - Fixed showing correct channel set for UAP Outdoor5 for US.
  • CTRL - Fixed guest voucher decimal places for multi-use.
  • CTRL - Fixed Portal Customization with non-ASCII SSID.
  • CTRL - Fixed multi-use vouchers are incremented twice per use.
  • CTRL - Fixed adding new site always default to US eventhough a different country was selected in the wizard.
  • CTRL - Corrected some wording to plural/singular.
  • CTRL - Fixed detail tab missing an expansion arrow.
  • CTRL - Updated portal paypal sample code.
  • CTRL - Linux Installer. Gracefully shutdown mongo db when shutting down controller..
  • UAP/LR - Added counterfeit check..
  • UAPs - Fixed Rate limiting/unlimiting with usergroups not working.
  • UAPs - Fixed Upgrade failure due to uplink monitor still running.
  • UAP - Fixed crash on out of memory when rate limiting is enabled.
  • UAPs(not AC) - Fixed Zero Handoff causes client to roam to wrong AP.
  • UAPs(not AC) - Fixed Wireless Uplink APs are not disabled properly when back to regular AP mode.
  • UAPs(not AC) - Fixed crash when detecting an AP transitioning from AP to isolated mode.
  • U5O - Updated correct channel list for European Countries.
  • UAP/LR - Fixed ping drops in noisy environments.
  • UAP/LR - Fixed random crash when rate limiting is enabled.
  • UAP/LR - Fixed crash after stress reboot test.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed GTK Key is not reset/set when interface up/down or connecting new STA.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed keys might not get installed properly for associating/disassociating STAs in 802.1x modes.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed 2Ghz radio stop sending beacon during heavy multicast stresss test.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed power output level for Australia country code.
  • UAP-AC - Added basic SNMP support.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed long ping delay to ethernet.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed Guest Portal allow devices to pass data to others before accepting TOS.
  • UAP-AC - Fixed AMPDU RX packet loss caused by response timeout.
  • UAP AC - Clean up STA events when STA is not associated.

How to perform the upgrade

We're being more cautious in pushing releases to the world. Following Google's model, we'll have three release channels

  • stable (widely used, most stable)
  • rapid (soaked in beta for a while)
  • beta (cutting edge)

For Debian-based system, simply do

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unifi-rapid

How to play safe?

UniFi stores everything under <UNIFI_BASE>/data/ . Keeping a copy will get your base covered. You can even install the new version, stop it, copy the data/ over it, and restart the controller.

How to downgrade?

The DB schema is drastically different and downgrade is not possible. Make sure you have a backup of prior version. After downgrading the controller, you can downgrade the AP firmware.

Known Limitations

  • UAP-AC - Rogue AP detection will only search for rogue AP on first power up. It will not continuously update rogue AP list during runtime.
  • Zero Handoff not supported on UAP-AC yet. Currently in development.
  • Wireless Uplink not supported on UAP-AC yet. Will be release as an alpha and by invitation only in the next few weeks.


UniFi Controller APT howto

  1. edit /etc/apt/sources.list
    ## Ubuntu
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/ubuntu ubuntu ubiquiti
    # if you're using quantal (12.04) or after, you don't need this line
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart dist 10gen
    ## Debian Wheezy (7.0)
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/debian debian ubiquiti
    ## Debian Squeeze (6.0)
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/debian debian ubiquiti
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/debian-sysvinit dist 10gen
    ## Debian Lenny (5.0):
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/lenny lenny ubiquiti
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/debian-sysvinit dist 10gen
  2. add GPG Key
    # for Ubiquiti
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv C0A52C50
    # for mongo-10gen
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 7F0CEB10
    # or over HTTP by using hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80
  3. update, install, and upgrade
    # retrieve the latest package information
    apt-get update
    # install/upgrade unifi package
    # there are 3 packages in the same repository 
    # . unifi       (the most stable)
    # . unifi-rapid (soaked beta/rc/stable)
    # . unifi-beta  (the cutting edge)
    # you can install / switch between them
    apt-get install unifi-rapid


A shell library, unifi_sh_api is provided with the release. here's a sample script to authorize a guest for 30 minutes

## define required variables
## include the API library
. unifi_sh_api
# authorize a client for 30 minutes, limit down/up speed to 2048/1024kbps, quota is 500MB
unifi_authorize_guest "e8:17:22:10:5d:4d" 30 down=2048 up=1024 bytes=500 
# generate 10 voucher(s) valid for 60 minutes, limit down/up speed to 2048/1024kbps, quota is 500MB
unifi_create_voucher 60 10 down=2048 up=1024 bytes=500
# this returns you a token that you can call by using unifi_get_vouchers()


  1. AP->Performance view is experimental. Currently it shows what the radio is doing by red (packets not sent because of likely interference) / yellow (packets retried) / green (packets sent)
  2. voucher.css and voucher.html, at data/sites/SITE_NAME/portal/bundle/, is where you can fully customize your voucher.
  3. If you have existing customized guest portal, make sure to change form="/guest/login" to form="login" - let the relative path take care of per-site URL
  4. For API access, you pretty much need to insert /s/SITENAME into the URL. (after login with an admin in for site)