UniFi 4.6.3 is released

by Previous Employee UBNT-DavidQ on ‎03-30-2015 11:36 AM - last edited on ‎12-04-2018 04:56 PM by Ubiquiti Employee (115,042 Views)

This is the next General Availability Release for UniFi wireless AP (UAP), routing (USG), switching (USW) and VoIP (UVP). 


Release Note:

  • This release is mainly to be used for all UniFi devices.
  • This Release supports 3rd Party PBX and internal USG/PBX.
  • Please backup previous controller configuration.
  • Can install this new or upgrade from v3.2.1+/v4.x+.
  • Will not support upgrade from v2 to v4.
  • USG = 4.2.6.
  • AP = 3.2.10.
  • UVP(All) =
  • USW = 3.3.4.
  • Please help close all open threads if this version resolves them. Thanks!
  • General Bug Fixes.
  • Some Feature Adds.
  • guest portal redirector port used by UAP = port 8881
  • guest portal redirector port used by USG = port 8882

Feature Add:

  • CTRL - Add support to create an option to allow remote user VPN access to site to site VPN.
  • CTRL - Add Outbound proxy and authentication ID fields in VOIP selections.
  • CTRL - Add prefetch of UVP platform image into local storage.
  • CTRL - Add SIP from User field for some SIP providers in IP base.
  • CTRL - Add support to put any device into map.
  • CTRL - Add configurable voicemail Url for UVP reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Add multiple accounting server support for 802.1x/WPA2 Enterprise.
  • CTRL - Add multiple radius server support for 802.1x/WPA2 Enterprise.
  • CTRL - Add UI support for enable/disable UAPSD. It is default disabled.
  • UVP App - Add outbound proxy option support.
  • UVP App - Add multi-sip account support.
  • UVP App - Add support to launch 3rd party app as handset is lifted.
  • UVP Exec - Add support for USB speaker.
  • UAP - Add configurable management rates via config.properties.
  • UAP - Add configurable broadcast/multicast rates via config.properties.

Change List:

  • CTRL - version change from v4.6.0 to v4.6.3
  • CTRL - Fixed USW config edit always append to end of dialog instead of replace.
  • CTRL - Fixed a read only admin can not verify himself and causes a loop.
  • CTRL - Changed naming from Network Groups to Management VLAN.
  • CTRL - Handle setting USW aggregated ports properly if they are already aggregated.
  • CTRL - Fixed invalid payload error when creating aggregation with last port reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Fixed frameable response(clickjacking).
  • CTRL - Fixed missing events for clients.
  • CTRL - Fixed port forwarding range settings reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Fixed a bunch of map related issues.
  • CTRL - Add missing event calls for admins.
  • CTRL - Fixed controller crashing after setting net to reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Fixed random firefox crashes.
  • CTRL - Increase load balance limit from 30 to 128.
  • CTRL - Fixed insights block client is not working.
  • CTRL - Add date and time for last executed speed test.
  • CTRL - Fixed dashboard showing LAN up and down as 0.
  • CTRL - mDNS doesn't work across subnets.
  • CTRL - Fixed speed test "Close" mouse click hin is persistent.
  • CTRL - Move the show properties icon to not overlap the scroll arrow.
  • CTRL - Add config.properties file when doing backup.
  • CTRL - Fixed recursive URL in hotspot.
  • CTRL - Added a button to launch a login page for hotspot operators.
  • CTRL - Fixed Guest filter not working in hotspot manager.
  • CTRL - Fixed UVP can not be detected by controller on non default ports reported by forum.
  • CTRL - USW port selection in panel will bring to selected port.
  • CTRL - Add last port to wired cliends in insights.
  • CTRL - Fixed AP TX power gets set back to Auto.
  • CTRL - Fixed controller memory leaks.
  • CTRL - Fixed events/insights always get set to last page.
  • CTRL - Change insights 1 year to All.
  • CTRL - Trouble renaming APs reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Guest in Events are greyed out even if connected.
  • CTRL - Fixed events filter page number is off depending on the filter setup.
  • CTRL - Fixed WLAN groups can get messed up during updates.
  • CTRL - Fixed recent activities charts gets blanked until next refresh.
  • CTRL - Show disable in AP dialog if WLAN is disabled.
  • CTRL - Allow 72 entries for allow subnets reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Refresh resets USW scrolling views.
  • CTRL - Fixed forget password having two back buttons.
  • CTRL - Fixed speed test progress bar is backwards.
  • CTRL - Fixed USW 24 display object is not consistent.
  • CTRL - Do not allow v4 controller to be upgraded from v2.
  • CTRL - Fixed Clients page, page numbering can get our of order.
  • CTRL - Fixed ZH group, channel should be uneditable.
  • CTRL - Fixed rate limit does not get push to user if set to another lower limit.
  • CTRL - Fixed Hotspot display issue reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Fixed advance adopted AP using stale 5Ghz channel width settings.
  • CTRL - Fixed invalid payload when enabling/disabling dhcp settings and ip subnets.
  • CTRL - Fixed incoming traffic through WAN from ip based SIP provider being dropped.
  • CTRL - Fixed settings, wireless networks, wlan groups not working.
  • CTRL - Fixed saving settings sub-views fails on second try.
  • CTRL - Fixed ZH APs do not detect internet down.
  • CTRL - Fixed windows java not executing the right path.
  • CTRL - Fixed VOIP provider view stuck in saving.
  • CTRL - Fixed incorrect call duration data.
  • CTRL - Fixed backup filters out blocked users outside given time span reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Fixed some security bugs.
  • CTRL - Fixed controller/discovery too in some Win8.1 systems can not discover devices reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Change 360 to 365 days in a year.
  • CTRL - Fixed auto responder grammer.
  • CTRL - Fixed refresh will always force to go back to controller panel.
  • CTRL - Support switch dialog config multiple port at once.
  • CTRL - Add format hint for guest portal redirect url.
  • CTRL - Add support for SIP ALG disable/enable in config.properties.
  • CTRL - Alert emails are done per site reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Use static DNS if static is selected in USG reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Allow Costa Rica radio tab to selectable channel width and channels.
  • CTRL - Fixed switch stats items per page limit does not work.
  • CTRL - Fixed can not set alias to known clients.
  • CTRL - Fixed some missing events.
  • CTRL - Change UVP upgrade timer so it will not show disconnected for a long time reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Fixed STP blocking status icon inconsistent.
  • CTRL - Fixed missing firewall rules for remote user vpn network.
  • CTRL - Fixed extension menu not always shown.
  • CTRL - Fixed wrong DHCP state in UniFi discovery tool.
  • CTRL - Change UVP extension number length to 15 digits reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Add support for ipsec site to site VPN to improve performance.
  • CTRL - Create new group will always require an extension.
  • CTRL - Allow emails in phone extensions to not be mandatory.
  • CTRL - Fixed controller crash while changing network interface frequently.
  • CTRL - Forgetting multiple wireless APs in uplink causes some to become isolated.
  • CTRL - Fixed special characters in port forwarding description causes USG to go into provisioning loop reported by forum.
  • CTRL - Updated copyright to 2015.
  • UAPS - Fixed a case where wireless uplink stays isolated.
  • UAPS - Fixed roaming statistics.
  • UAPS - Fixed wireless uplink UAP LR stays isolated after a second wireless AP joins.
  • UAPS - Fixed waiting for firmware upgrade loop.
  • UAPs - Fixed a regression introduced in 3.2.7(fixing a crash) on rate limiting reported from forum.
  • UAPs - Fixed wireless uplink monitor randomly resets the interfaces causing disconnects. Note, Please setup a gatway ip address if using wireless uplink. If not using wireless uplink, please disable wireless uplink monitor.
  • UAPs - Fixed some memory leak in hostapd reported from forum.
  • UAPs - Default timezone to UTC.
  • UAPs - Fixed Guest Portal appends www.google.com to promotional URL if VLAN is enabled. This fix is needed along with v3.2.10 CTRL code or higher.
  • UAPs - Fixed rate limiting not working in certain configs, regression introduced in 3.2.7 reported from forum.
  • UAPs - Fixed radius accounting rounding account stop messages reported from forum.
  • UAPS - Fixed help text when using stamgr.
  • UAPS - Fixed hostname does not get updated sometimes.
  • UAPs(except AC) - Disable UAPSD by default. For Spectral phone users, please change to enable in config.properties.
  • UAP Pro - Improved 5Ghz HT40 performance with Intel6300.
  • UAP Pro - Fixed ssh reboot along with EdgeSwitch XP causes reboot loop.
  • UAP AC - Corrected power display again from previous fix.
  • UAP AC - Fixed AP can not pass PPPoE traffic reported from forum.
  • UAP AC - Fixed kernel panic during heavy reset testing.
  • UAP AC - Fixed Rogue AP reported as secured when it is open.
  • UAP AC - Fixed DHCP offers containinng wrong subnet mask reported from forum.
  • UAP AC - Added hostapd support for UAP ACS to help fix some WPA/2 Enterprise Radius issues reported from forum.
  • UAP AC - Fixed rebooting issue after some stress SSID testing.
  • UAP AC - Fixed STA Packet/byte counts is unreasonably low.
  • UAP AC - Fixed kernel panic in certain wireless environments.
  • UAP AC - Fixed sta reported info is not always accurate.
  • UAP AC - Fixed phantom SSID(ethx/wlxx) broadcast on the air reported from forum.
  • UVP App - Updated Play Store version to fix older Play Store update issues.
  • UVP App - Added Play Movies to Google collections.
  • UVP App - Fixed plug in headset and no sound output from volume adjustment report by forum.
  • UVP App - Add speaker on/off button for sound recorder app.
  • UVP App - Fixed default sip account index.
  • UVP App - Add support for call button intent filter reported by forum.
  • UVP App - Fixed contact page flicker when syncing contact.
  • UVP App - Prevent app from running on other phones(smartphones).
  • UVP App - Fixed inform url and inform ip in inform payload reported by forum.
  • UVP App - Default to last screen after incoming call is disconnected.
  • UVPs - Reduce some internal generated noise.
  • UVP Pro - Fixed Wifi icon reported byforum.
  • UVP Pro - Fixed Wifi SSID issue reported by forum.
  • UVP Exec - Fixed speaker switching mode.
  • UVP Pro/Exec - Added notification of WiFi disable if ethernet and WiFi is both connected.
  • UVP Pro/Exec - Fixed crash when login to Google account when ethernet is not available.
  • UVP Pro/Exec - Improve on Camera performance.
  • UVP Pro/Exec - Disable Panoramic mode.
  • USW - Fixed heartbeat missed in certain stressed condition and resource temporarily unavailable.
  • USW - Fixed failed to upgrade during heavy stress testing.
  • USG - Fixed stuck in reboot if downgrading software versions.
  • USG - Inform DNS server for PPPOE connections.
  • USG - Fixed wired clients stats are in reverse order.
  • USG - Fixed memory leaks.
  • USG - Fixed bootstrap webUI static ip shows connected to internet when it is not.


How to play safe?

UniFi stores everything under <UNIFI_BASE>/data/ . Keeping a copy will get your bases covered. You can even install the new version, stop it, copy the data/ over it, and restart the controller.


Known Limitations

  • USG+External Portal+VLAN does not work.
  • Call Logs are not 100% accurate.
  • UVP must be used with USG unless you setup a third party router to map unifi to the controller IP address and being able to resolve unifi = controller ip.
  • Reminder that Controller will not prevent creating ext numbers that overlaps with emergency services.

How to perform the upgrade

We're being more cautious in pushing releases to the world. Following Google's model, we'll have three release channels

  • stable (widely used, most stable)
  • rapid (soaked in beta for a while)
  • beta (cutting edge)

For Debian-based system, simply do

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unifi-beta



How to play safe?

UniFi stores everything under <UNIFI_BASE>/data/ . Keeping a copy will get your base covered. You can even install the new version, stop it, copy the data/ over it, and restart the controller.


How to downgrade?

The DB schema is drastically different and downgrade is not possible. Make sure you have a backup of prior version. After downgrading the controller, you can downgrade the AP firmware.




UniFi Controller APT howto

  1. edit /etc/apt/sources.list
    ## Ubuntu
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/ubuntu ubuntu ubiquiti
    # if you're using quantal (12.04) or after, you don't need this line
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart dist 10gen
    ## Debian Wheezy (7.0)
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/debian debian ubiquiti
    ## Debian Squeeze (6.0)
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/debian debian ubiquiti
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/debian-sysvinit dist 10gen
    ## Debian Lenny (5.0):
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/distros/deb/lenny lenny ubiquiti
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/debian-sysvinit dist 10gen
  2. add GPG Key
    # for Ubiquiti
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv C0A52C50
    # for mongo-10gen
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 7F0CEB10
    # or over HTTP by using hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80
  3. update, install, and upgrade
    # retrieve the latest package information
    apt-get update
    # install/upgrade unifi package
    # there are 3 packages in the same repository 
    # . unifi       (the most stable)
    # . unifi-rapid (soaked beta/rc/stable)
    # . unifi-beta  (the cutting edge)
    # you can install / switch between them
    apt-get install unifi-beta


A shell library, unifi_sh_api is provided with the release. here's a sample script to authorize a guest for 30 minutes

## define required variables
## include the API library
. unifi_sh_api
# authorize a client for 30 minutes, limit down/up speed to 2048/1024kbps, quota is 500MB
unifi_authorize_guest "e8:17:22:10:5d:4d" 30 down=2048 up=1024 bytes=500 
# generate 10 voucher(s) valid for 60 minutes, limit down/up speed to 2048/1024kbps, quota is 500MB
unifi_create_voucher 60 10 down=2048 up=1024 bytes=500
# this returns you a token that you can call by using unifi_get_vouchers()


  1. AP->Performance view is experimental. Currently it shows what the radio is doing by red (packets not sent because of likely interference) / yellow (packets retried) / green (packets sent)
  2. voucher.css and voucher.html, at data/sites/SITE_NAME/portal/bundle/, is where you can fully customize your voucher.
  3. If you have existing customized guest portal, make sure to change form="/guest/login" to form="login" - let the relative path take care of per-site URL
  4. For API access, you pretty much need to insert /s/SITENAME into the URL. (after login with an admin in for site)