UniFi 4.6.6 is released

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎07-01-2015 12:42 AM - edited ‎07-07-2015 05:47 PM (175,185 Views)

UniFi 4.6.6 is our newest official General Availability Release for UniFi wireless AP (UAP), routing (USG), switching (USW) and VoIP (UVP). 


How to play safe?

Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation.


Release Notes:

  • Starting from this release, UniFi Controller no longer bundles UVP app. Instead, the UVP app will be downloaded from CDN.
  • Settings-VOIP-"Platform Image Cache" option has been replaced by Settings-Controller-"Phone Image Cache", and its default is disabled.
  • For people who are migrating from v3, there're many changes to APIs and it's not backward compatible. You may need to update the shell library (unifi_sh_api) and/or your customized portal/external portal code.
  • For hotspot management console, make sure you have bookmark the url with site name. For example: https://unifi.yourdomain.com:8443/hotspot/s/SITENAME
  • For Debian/Ubuntu users, please update your APT source (see below).
    • unifi-beta/unifi-rapid are obsoleted. The old repo will be removed at the end of July.

Bundled Firmware

  • USG = 4.2.9
  • USW = 3.3.5
  • UAP = 3.2.12


New Features:

UniFi Controller

  • UniFi Switch port duplex/speed are now configurable. Reported here.

  • Added 2G/5G toggle to map coverage view.

  • Added Copy Config option in switch dialog. Reported here.

UniFi Controller + UniFi Security Gateway

  • Added Insights page for Remote User VPN.

  • Added Dynamic DNS configuration and Insights page.


Feature Change:

UniFi Controller

  • DHCP Guarding can be configured separately now and is defaulted to disabled.


Changes from 4.6.3 to 4.6.6

UniFi Controller

  • Add auto phone firmware upgrade option (per-site settings).
  • Support DEBUG level syslog logging.
  • Check (and optionally cache) phones app upgrades from CDN.
  • Add check button in Settings-Controller for checking UVP upgrades from CDN.
  • OUI table updated.
  • Verified admin can no longer be re-invited.
  • When an existing admin is invited to a new site, no password update is required.
  • Fixed issue with revoked admins maintaining partial access in existing logged in session.
  • When updating admin's email, change is rejected if that email is pending verification.
  • Insight/Switch-Stats Overview, POE column is now un-sortable. Reported here.
  • Fixed unable to set SFP/SFP+ ports to aggregate. Reported here.
  • User/guest filter in client view now works when browser language is Simplified Chinese.
  • Controller no longer ignores PtP/Virtual Interfaces. This resolves incorrect upgrade url/guest redirection url when devices are contacting controller with those network interfaces. Reported here.
  • Language selection is removed for now. The controller detects browser language automatically.
  • CSRF token will now be invalidated properly on logout.
  • Relax device username restriction to ^[_A-Za-z0-9][-\@_.A-Za-z0-9]*$Reported here.
  • Login name with '@' symbol is now considered as invalid.
  • Fixed a UI bug that causes switching to different site to get stuck.
  • When deleting a site, verifications (pending admins) of the site will also be invalidated now.
  • Improve error handling on handling lingering objects. Reported here.
  • Controller will no longer send rate update to AP/USG when there’s no UserGroup defined and Guest Portal is disabled, so the devices will not get stuck in a re-provision loop.
  • Fixed DHCP Pool IP validation so it does not reject x.x.x.0 ipv4 addresses. Reported here.
  • Fixed incorrect description on wlan overrides in AP dialog.
  • Fixed VLAN ID overrides. Reported here.
  • Eliminated duplicate Rogue DHCP events/alerts.
  • Cancel button within a dialog will now go back to previous view instead of closing the entire dialog window.
  • Fixed quota limitation in hotspot portal. Reported here.
  • Fixed 'VLAN cannot be empty' error on modifying WLAN overridesReported here.
  • Per-extension voicemail option is properly provisioned to phones now.
  • Replace misleading placeholder with correct one in Settings-Guest Policy-Portal URL Hostname.
  • Fixed another UI bug that causes switching to different site to get stuck.
  • Add HT40/80 support for Costa Rica.
  • UI view is now reflecting to admin role properly after switching sites.
  • Rogue DHCP alert is non-repeating now. Reported here.
  • Restricted/Allow subnets settings will no longer cause USG provisioning loop. Reported here.
  • Double quotes in port forwarding description will no longer cause USG provisioning loopReported here.
  • Client history is now migrated correctly from v3 backup/installation.Reported here.
  • Fixed Paypal hotspot payment gateway. Reported here.
  • Added system.properties inline documentation on guest portal redirector ports.

  • Fixed incorrect max PHY rate used in User Group rate limiting on UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor.

  • Fixed a UI bug that incorrect mark switch port as aggregating member port.

  • User can no longer restore a controller that has another restoration in-progress.

  • Removed a VOIP related UI element that is only for debugging.

  • Fixed a missing hint text in Change My Password dialog.

  • Fixed a UI bug that prevents users from unsetting extension's email.

  • Fixed device state validation on deleting device. User will now receive proper error message if the device is not eligible for deletion.

  • Fixed a bug where an admin cannot update its profile when another pending invitation of the same email exists.

  • Added systemd service unit config to Debian/Ubuntu packages. Reported here.

  • Added binutils to Debian/Ubuntu package dependencies.

  • When a wireless network is configured with schedule enabled and all days are unchecked, the CTLR/AP will respect the config. As a result, the wireless network will be provisioned but will be disabled by AP scheduler.

  • Workaround for device counts in Dashboard and Device view by adding self-recovery code. We're still working to identify the root cause. Report here, here and here.

  • Improved database migration code to resolve invalid id error in wlan_overrides.

  • Payment amount field in authorization (Insights and Hotspot view) are now rendered correctly for all currencies. Reported here.

  • When user moves a phone to another site, the phone name was reset to mac address.

  • Updated help text when moving a device to another site. Reported here.

  • Prevented invalid inputs in Hotspot view for Operator and Voucher operations.

  • Devices can no longer get placed on a deleted map.

  • Updated error message for Wireless Network WEP Key.

  • Read-only admins can no longer see USG PPPoE password.

  • WLAN override PSK is now rendered properly.

  • USG LLDP is now disabled on WAN port.

  • Moving switch to another site will also update topology information (uplink/downlinks).

  • Added advanced adoption capability in Switch/Gateway dialogs.

  • Fixed stylesheet in user verify page.

  • Updated VoIP Provider/Extension Settings:

    • External Provider, IP-Based

      • Added default Outbound Proxy option (provider).

      • Added Outbound Proxy and Voicemail options (extension).

    • External Provider, User-Based

      • Added Authorization ID option (extension).

    • Manual Provider

      • Removed Voicemail option (provider).

  • Authorization ID, SIP Proxy and SIP voicemail are now correctly provisioned to phones based on provider type.

  • Fixed a UI bug in Provider form. Reported here.

UniFi Security Gateway

  • Fixed firewall rules for external guest portal.
  • Fixed an offloading module bug that causes USG restart. Reported here, here, here and here.

UniFi Switch

  • No longer reports client IP address in reversed order.
  • Improve uplink port detection.

UniFi AP

  • Fixed disabled legacy (802.11b) support on UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor.
  • Fixed slow throughput when UAPSD (WMM-PS) is enabled on UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-Pro and UAP-Outdoor series.
  • Fixed missing Radius Accounting attributes on UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor.
  • WLAN scheduler no longer depends on uplink connectivity monitor.
  • Improve IGMP snooping on UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor.
  • Fixed stamgr output on UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor. Reported here.
  • Improve wireless connection stability with certain mobile devices on UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor.
  • Add HT40/80 support for Costa Rica on UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-Pro and UAP-Outdoor series.
  • UAP-ACv1 2.4GHz now correctly advertise b/g/n mode support. Reported here.
  • UAP-AC/UAP-AC-Outdoor no longer report invalid RSSI values.
  • Improve the device/controller connection reliability on all models.
  • Fixed a multicast forwarding bug on UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor. Reported here.
  • Fixed connection problem with PS4/XboxOne with 3.2.11 AP firmware on UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor. Reported here and here.

UniFi Controller APT howto

  1. add /etc/apt/sources.list.d/100-ubnt.list (or edit /etc/apt/sources.list)

    ## Debian/Ubuntu
    # stable => unifi4
    # deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian unifi4 ubiquiti
    deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian stable ubiquiti
  2. [OPTIONAL] add /etc/apt/sources.list.d/200-mongo.list (or edit /etc/apt/sources.list)

    ## Debian 
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/debian-sysvinit dist 10gen
    ## Ubuntu
    deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart dist 10gen
  3. add GPG Key

    # for Ubiquiti
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv C0A52C50
    # for mongo-10gen [optional]
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 7F0CEB10
    # or over HTTP by using hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80
  4. update, install, and upgrade

    # retrieve the latest package information
    sudo apt-get update
    # install/upgrade unifi-controller
    sudo apt-get install unifi