UniFi 5.5.24 Stable has been released

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UniFi_V5_IG_FIN.jpgIntroducing our latest release for UniFi wireless, routing & switching hardware. This is our latest Stable release for the 5.5.x branch.


How to play safe?

Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation. 


Release Notes:

  • For people who are migrating from v3, there're many changes to APIs and it's not backward compatible. You may need to update the shell library (unifi_sh_api) and/or your customized portal/external portal code.
  • Windows users must have x64 Java installed to use the unifi.ubnt.com cloud tie in, as we only support 64 bit webRTC library. Please see HERE and download the missing version (64bit offline Windows install package). The controller will run in an x86 only environment, or with x86 Java, but the unifi.ubnt.com tie in will not work.
  • For hotspot management console, make sure you have bookmark the URL with site ID (i.e. x66cipn3, or whatever random string is generated for that site). For example:
  • For Debian/Ubuntu users, please update your APT source (see HERE).
    • unifi-beta/unifi-rapid are obsoleted. The old repo has been removed.
    • use `testing` or `unifi-5.5` in your source file.
    • the `stable` suite will be updated in the coming days to point to `unifi-5.5`
  • You can no longer manage/control UniFi VoIP devices from the UniFi controller. Please use the UniFi VoIP controller for UVP products. The latest release as the time of this post is found HERE.
  • You cannot re-use a VLAN ID for dynamic VLAN if it is set as a static value for another SSID on the same AP. So, if I have a SSID set to use VLAN 10, I cannot use VLAN ID 10 for RADIUS controlled VLAN users as those users will not get an IP.
  • Cloud Access feature in this release is not supported on Linux/ARMv6 architecture (for exmaple, Raspberry Pi 1). If you have problem starting controller on this platform, please remove the native library:
sudo rm /usr/lib/unifi/lib/native/Linux/armhf/libubnt_webrtc_jni.so
  • Smart Queue QoS is similar to the implementation as in EdgeOS (see HERE). Please note that DPI will not work when using Smart Queue QoS, as traffic will not be offloaded. It's also worth noting that maximum throughput will be affected when using Smart Queue QoS, as traffic is not offloaded. There are some rough guidelines in the article linked above.
  • DFS channels can not be used for wireless uplink in the US. Please use non-DFS channels if you need to use wireless uplink on dual band UAPs. 
  • Official UniFi MIBs can be downloaded from HERE and HERE (those are 2 different files).
  • A full changelog has been attached, showing changes back to the first public release (1.2.1).

Other Notes:

  • We no longer support Java version 6, it needs to be 7 or later. We recommend Java version 8. 
  • All APs will be reprovisioned on controller upgrade, which will cause a temporary outage for all connected users. Please make sure to do this after hours, or a time when it's okay to disconnect users for several minutes. This should not affect users upgrading from 5.3.8 or later. 
  • Features like airtime fairness, bandsteering, load balancing and minimum RSSI are default disabled. If you need them you need to go to Settings>Site and check Enable advanced features.
  • If you previously used Google Maps for a site map, then you have to enable this feature again by adding an API key. This is done under Settings>Controller. There is a linked guide with instructions.
  • Do not choose the skip option when running the Migrate Site wizard. If you do your devices may end up in a weird state.


Important Notes:

  • The initial database migration will take longer than normal. It is expected to see mongo using most, if not all, of the available CPU cycles during this process. Please be patient, this process could easily take 15+ minutes, depending on the amount of historical stats, as well as the system specs. In some cases the migration may take hours. As always, err on the side of caution, and make a backup before upgrading.


Known Issues

  • Manual site-to-site VPN status is not reflected on the UniFi dashboard widget. Currently it will look like it's offline, even when the tunnel is up.


Controller bugfixes/changes from 5.5.20:

  • Fix for wrong data in VLAN column in WLAN list.
  • Revert "change auto VPN VTI subnet mask to /30" as it needs to be reworked.
  • Change auto VPN VTI subnet mask to /30.
  • Display WLANs table in Property Panel for In-Wall.
  • Fix an issue preventing switch ports from coming up after being disabled.
  • Fix a bug with IW causing the port to be disabled when the VLAN is off (reported HERE).
  • Fix a backend bug with guest access. 
  • MAC address input validation improvements.
  • Fix a provisioning issue which would clear USG WAN settings.
  • Improvements for Ethernet bonding support on UAPs (on supported devices). 
  • Improve topology view when using wireless uplinks.
  • Allow setting device credentials during setup and new site wizards.
  • Various backend fixes and improvements.
  • Security improvements.


Firmware changes from 3.8.3/3.8.6/4.3.49:

  • [UAPG3] Major code base upgrade (codename Toronto). 
  • [UAPG3] airTime and airView support (SHD exclusive).*
  • [UAPG3] Switch to net-snmp, in preparation for SNMPv2 support (eventually v3 too).**
  • [ACG1] Fix WEP on 1st gen AC models.
  • [EDU] Various fixes and improvements for the baresip client.
  • [ACIW] Fix management VLAN support.
  • [UAP] Various Mesh V3 improvements.
  • [UAP] Prepare management VLAN support for other UAP devices.*
  • [UAP] Add support for multiple WLAN schedule blocks per day.*
  • [UAP] Improve reliability of receiving Framed-IP-Address attribute.
  • [UAP] Add 802.11r support (excluding UAP-AC v1/v2 and UAP-AC-Outdoor).*
  • [UAP] Disable multicast enhancements by default.*
  • [UAP] Improvements to RF scanning.
  • [UAP] Fix a RADIUS related bug with fast-apply.
  • [UAP] Add management VLAN support for wireless uplink.*
  • [UAP] Add options for RF scan (active/passive, background/foreground).*
  • [UAP] Add support for best channel suggestion after running RF scan.*
  • [UAP] Add support for fast-apply WLAN config, for existing WLANs only.
  • [UAP] Allow 80MHz for Russia country code.*
  • [UAP] Remove iperf package, as it does not provide proper results when using an AP as an endpoint.
  • [UAP] Various security and backend fixes and/or improvements.
  • [USL2] Add support for switch power monitor and PSU info.*
  • [USW] Fix DoS issue reported via HackerOne program.
  • [USW] Add per port Class of Service (CoS) queuing and max traffic class support.*
  • [USW] Delay port LED blinking until system ready.
  • [USW] Add backend for 802.1X MAC authentication bypass support.*
  • [USW] Add support for port egress rate limiting.*
  • [USG] Implemented route metric changing on load-balance status changes. This fixes WAN failover issues with L3 adopted USGs, and improves multi-WAN failover functionality in general.
  • [USG] Fixed multi-WAN regressions in 4.3.46-4.3.49 picked up from EdgeRouter 1.9.7.
  • [USG] Implemented new local web UI on USG. Fixes a variety of long-standing bugs with the old UI, and adds ability to configure LAN IP and DHCP server.
  • [USG] Updated ISC dhcp version. Looks to fix problems in some edge cases with multiple DHCP WANs and recovery after Ethernet link loss. 
  • [USG] Added back end for custom host-uniq for PPPoE.
  • [USG] Fixes for some uses of multiple routing tables (nothing controller-provisioned does anything impacted by this, a small number use config.gateway.json VPN configurations which do).

*Controller support varies, or is pending.

**Controller support pending and this uses all new MIBs.


Recommended Firmware: