UniFi Cloud Key Gen2/Plus firmware 0.8.10 has been released

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How to play safe?
Make sure you always make a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation. 


All system customizations are removed on firmware upgrade. 


Special Note for those on 0.8.8:


The following only applies to the UCK firmware version 0.12.1 and the UCKG2/UCKP firmware version 0.8.8 running UniFi Network 5.9.32.


This firmware includes UniFi Network 5.9.29. If you are coming from firmware 0.8.8/0.12.1 you will need to have a backup to restore your configuration (detailed below).


As always, we recommend making a backup before upgrading firmware.


After you upgrade to firmware 0.8.10/0.12.2 do the following to restore your 5.9.29 configuration: 

If auto backup was configured:

  1. Go to https://<uck_ip>/manage/controllers
  2. Click “Stop SDN”
  3. Click “Restore”
  4. Choose the most recent 5.9.29 backup and click “Restore”
  5. After the restore process is finished, click “Start Up SDN”
  6. Click “Open SDN”. Your controller should now be on 5.9.29.


If auto backup was not configured but you have a 5.9.29 backup:

  1. https://<uck_ip>/manage/controllers
  2. Click “Stop SDN”
  3. ssh <user>@<uck_ip> ‘rm -rf /srv/unifi’
  4. Back at https://<uck_ip>/manage/controllers, click “Start SDN”
  5. Go to https://<uck_ip>:8443
  6. Click “restore from a previous backup”
  7. Select the 5.9.29.unf file and click confirm
  8. Wait a few moments then visit https://<uck_ip>:8443. Your controller should now be on 5.9.29


Changes since 0.8.7:


  • Bundle UniFi Controller 5.9.29. See HERE for controller release notes.
  • Bundle UniFi Protect 1.4.2. *UCK-G2-Plus only.

UCK System:

  • Fix a rare bug where the device may reset to defaults when in the Rack Mount accessory.
  • Various fixes for Cloud Key G2 Rack Mount accessory. 
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.


How to update the latest firmware:

  • From UniFI Controller: Settings -> Maintenance -> CHECK FOR UPDATES (in CloudKey Firmware section) -> APPLY UPDATE
  • From UniFi Cloud Key WebUI: Manage Cloud Key > Settings > Firmware > Update Manually. From here you can either paste the URL, or if you downloaded the binary you can select the file locally on your computer.
  • Via SSH:
    ubnt-systool fwupdate url_of_firmware



UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 firmware can be found here: binary | md5sum | sha256sum

*This firmware is for UCK-G2 ONLY. If you have UCK-G2-Plus, please see below.



md5: b95f5e89d3ca179bba877a975906915f

sha256: e8c578e48344ea4433d9500ee9385638d53dab00f86532479f92260087290446



UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus firmware can be found here: binary | md5sum | sha256sum

*This firmware is for UCK-G2-Plus ONLY. If you have UCK-G2, please see above.



md5: 68c2007346bcef191ac64e20bf19c666

sha256: efaa53d404f8bbde06acf6e1bb6b3265d3a58d7211528d01b158cbc0dc58183e