UniFi Elite | Cloud - Support - Warranty | Service Announcement

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UniFi Elite | Cloud - Support - Warranty | Service Announcement


We are pleased to announce our new ELITE subscription service available to users of the UniFi Enterprise Wi-Fi products.  


The UniFi Elite Controller is available through the https://unifi.ubnt.com dashboard.  To date our cloud dashboard has allowed you to add local controllers, self-hosted cloud controllers and cloud keys… 


While you can continue to attach your traditional controllers to your cloud dashboard… we are offering the Elite controller option hosted in our secure and scalable cloud platform.  


Benefits of Elite:

  • Premium US phone-based support 8-5 MST Monday-Friday
  • Extended Warranty 
    • Limited Warranty is extended for each Elite-licensed device through the end of the one-year subscription term and continues to extend with each device license renewal. 
  • Priority RMA fulfillment process; advanced replacement available when needed. 
  • Regular stable software releases available for upgrading your Elite controller(s) 
  • 24x7 high-availability controller access
    • At any time you may check the status of our UniFi Cloud Portal, SSO and UniFi Elite systems by visiting http://status.ubnt.com. Our support and operations teams are dedicated to ensuring high-availability cloud services for our customers and communicating any changes in status to you.  Feel free to "subscribe to updates" to receive an email of any service state changes.


Elite Availability:

Elite subscription services are available now for our US and Canadian customers. We will be expanding to the global markets at a later date.


Elite Controller Cost:

  • $20/mo per controller


Elite Device Subscriptions:

  • Device subscriptions can be created after at least one Elite controller is created. You may then migrate/adopt devices to your new Elite controller(s) at that point.
  • Pricing for each device is for a one year term. 
  • Ubiquiti has tailored Elite Subscription costs to remain disruptive and competitive (at least 67% less than the competition in the table below).
  • See pricing for each eligible product below:



UniFi Elite

Brand C

Savings with UniFi


1 year

1 year








Gateway C







Router 4






US-8 / US-8-60W

Switch 8







Switch 8 PoE







Switch 24







Switch 24 PoE












Switch 48







Switch 48 PoE







Switch 48 PoE+







Switch SFP+





* We are not currenting tiering AP pricing at this time.

To get started with UniFi Elite, follow these instructions: 


To create your UniFI Elite Controller:

  1. Go to https://unifi.ubnt.com
  2. Click the button, “UniFi Elite Setup”
  3. Follow instructions as prompted to add credit card information and subscribe.
  4. Your UniFi Elite Controller will be created and provisioned.
  5. Following this you can access your controller and begin licensing, adopting and managing your UniFi Elite managed devices.


To add Elite Licenses to your UniFi device:

  1. Go to https://unifi.ubnt.com
  2. Click “Settings” in the bottom-left.
  3. Click “Add Licenses”
  4. Select the type of licensing matching your device, i.e. USG-Pro
  5. You may now manage your licensed device in your UniFi Elite Controller.


There is no limit to Elite controllers you may have ($20/ea/mo).  As indicated above you must have an Elite controller before you can add device licenses. 


After you have created your new controller and you have added device licenses you may adopt devices as new or choose to migrate from other controllers (Local, CloudKey, other Elite controllers) using the following simple step-by-step guide: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002869188-UniFi-Migrating-Sites-with-Site-Export-Wizard (migration supported v5.4.11+)


If you need any assistance please contact support (8am-5pm MST Mon-Fri) at the phone number provided in your Elite controller invoice.  You will need your Customer ID located in your dashboard Settings>>Support Information.  Agents are standing by and are happy to help when needed.


What Elite Service means (and doesn’t mean):

  1. This is an optional service, for those interested in upgraded service, support and warranty, offered at a fraction of the cost of competition.
  2. Existing systems for deploying and administrating UniFi have not changed, and will not change, aside from improvements noted below as a result of the UniFi Elite efforts.
  3. How UniFi Elite affects existing UniFi users:
    1. This applies to cloud hosting/large controllers too.  
    2. The number of supported users/APs/switches per given machine size has increased significantly.
    3. So your controllers with thousands of APs, will now support thousands more.
    1. Free support will be better/faster as a result of improved processes for Elite.
    2. Warranty (RMA) has improved and will continue to be improved do so, as a result of the systems and rigor set up for the Elite warranty system.
    3. UniFi was architected from the ground up to support both local and cloud install.  We hadn’t leveraged the hooks until now.  This architecture allows the exact same features/fixes/etc. to be applied to both systems.  So the feature set will remain identical between local, self-hosted cloud, and UniFi Elite.
    4. Experts who already self-host (e.g., on AWS) and have wanted to architect solutions for redundancy of the controller and/or database will now be able to take advantage of these hooks to do their own high-availability implementations.  We’ll post articles on this. This includes external mongodB, and hooking to external redundant mongodB services, and redundant controller backends - so that hosting solutions can be architected to stay up given any single-point failure.
    5. UniFi Cloudkey performance has doubled as a result of the effort, and will likely increase further (many already-stabilized improvements are in 5.4.x, the less-stable ones are soaking in 5.5.x).
    6. Improved L3 adoption - including from the mobile apps and from unifi.ubnt.com.


Thank you for being a valued Ubiquiti customer.  We look to serving you even better with this new program.  



Ubiquiti Product and Support Management