UniFi SDN Controller 5.7.20 Release Update

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎03-14-2018 12:17 PM - edited ‎07-04-2018 05:24 AM (84,183 Views)

We'd like to announce that 5.7.20 has been fully released as stable.Before updating to 5.7.20, make sure you don't have devices which are no longer supported. We've already updated our download site and Debian/Ubuntu repo. We've also released UniFi Cloud Key firmware 0.10.0 which bundles 5.7.20, found HERE


The list of unsupported hardware in 5.7.x+ is as follows:

  • PicoM2 converted to UniFi
  • UAP-AC
  • UAP-AC v2
  • UAP-AC-Outdoor

If you are running Debian or Ubuntu and wish to stay on the LTS release, or if you have hardware that will no longer be supported, then you will need to update your source file. We do recommend 5.7 assuming you don't have hardware that isn't supported as of that release.


The source you want to use to stay on 5.6.x is: 

deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian unifi-5.6 ubiquiti

Otherwise if you wish to update to 5.7, then you can leave your source with stable (instead of unifi-5.6) and you will be able to update via APT as per usual. 


The following affects APT versions 1.5 onward (Ubuntu 17.10 and Debian Sid or newer). A recent version of the apt-secure man page stated: "Since version 1.5 changes in the information contained in the Release file about the repository need to be confirmed before APT continues to apply updates from this repository", meaning that when performing an update from a major version to the next (for example 5.5.x to 5.6.x) the apt-get update will result in an error. To fix this run the command the following way: apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change


Why are there multiple stable controllers?
As many of you have noticed, you're probably wondering why there are multiple stable candidate or stable controllers available concurrently. That's because we have two active stable branches. The 5.6 controller branch is our LTS branch, whereas 5.7 is our current stable branch. A designated LTS branch will be supported for at least 6 months time after its first stable release. A regular stable branch has no guaranteed length of updates, however it contains the newest features and latest hardware support.


The 5.6 branch will be supported until November 2018. It is extended partially for longer support of PicoM2 (converted to UniFi), UAP-AC, UAP-AC v2, and UAP-AC-Outdoor (our 1st gen AC products). We made an announcement about this last September (see HERE). This means that 5.6 will continue to get bugfixes and security updates until November of this year.


The 5.7 branch is our latest stable. It adds a number of exciting new features, and it also adds support for upcoming hardware. We've been working very hard to get this out, and we feel that 5.7.20 is ready to be called stable. 


What new features does 5.7 offer over 5.6?

  • IPv6 support (Beta).
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) [beta].
  • GeoIP Filtering options to settings [Beta].
  • Virtual devices on Maps to plan coverage.
  • SSH keys to authenticate to device.
  • Auto Channel feature on Maps.
  • Release Notes to controller UI.
  • DHCP options are configurable from the controller UI.
  • Wireless Uplink priority.
  • SNMPv3.
  • Historical statistics per Client (traffic, packets, signal power etc.).

These are just some of the new features. This release includes all of the latest in 5.6.x as well as a number of other bugfixes and changes. For further details please see our release post, found HERE.