Official airCam Trade-Up Program Announcement

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎07-21-2016 10:00 AM - edited ‎10-24-2016 07:26 AM

The US airCam Trade-Up Program has officially ended per the 90 day limitation.


Hi Everyone,


We know that many of you have been waiting for details on our airCam trade-up program and we very much appreciate your patience. We are happy to announce the details of this program to you today. Below are some FAQs that should address many, if not all, of your questions. If you have a question, please feel free to post it below. If it’s a common question or a question that we think will come up often, we’ll add it to the FAQ on this original post for quick access. This is the thread for discussion.  Please, let’s keep this on topic and only post questions regarding the logistics of the airCam trade-up program. Other questions should be posted in another thread.


Q. Will I need my original invoice to receive a credit?

A. No. We are not requiring documentation proving you purchased an airCam



Q. Will I have to send my airCam(s) back?

A. Yes, you will need to send your units back to us in order to receive your credit



Q. How much credit will I receive?

A. You will receive a 50% off coupon code towards the purchase of a UVC-G3 or UVC-G3-Dome via for each airCam traded up.



Q. How will shipping work?

  • For US customers: You will cover shipping costs to send the units back to our offices. All return cameras will be headed to our San Jose, CA office.
  • International customers can work with distributors they purchased from. Your distributor will then ship your replacements.


Q. Can I combine my credits?

A. Yes, you can combine your credits



Q. Can I swap models? I.e. an airCam Mini for a UVC-G3-Dome?

A. Yes. The model is irrelevant as your coupon will be 50% off the purchase of a Gen3, regardless of what airCam model you sent in.



Q. How will this process work?


    • For US customers, you will submit for a special RMA using “airCam Trade-Up Program” in the “Problem Category” section of the RMA form. We recognize that this is a security product and for that reason, DO NOT immediately send your units in. We will notify you via the email you entered on the RMA form when you should ship your units to us. Once the units are received and processed, you will be emailed your coupon codes. In short:
      1. Submit an RMA using “airCam Trade-Up Program” for your Problem Categorychrome_2016-07-21_11-57-59.png
      2. Await an email letting you know it’s clear to send your airCams in
      3. Once the airCams have been received, we will email you your coupon codes
    • For International customers, this process will be determined by your distributor



Q. Is this offer valid for UVC, UVC-Dome, UVC-Micro, or UVC-Pro?

A. No, this offer is only valid for airCam, airCam Dome, and airCam Mini.



Q. How long will the exchange take?

A. We will be shipping on a first come, first served basis. As we receive units inbound from the factory, customers that submitted their RMA earliest and send their airCams in a timely manner after receiving the email asking them to do so will get their coupon codes first.



Q. How long will this program run?

A. 3 months from the date of this post. This is simply to put in your RMA request for your upgrades, not the window in which the whole process must be completed (i.e. shipping of your devices and shipping of replacement devices is not required to happen in this 3-month time frame)



Q. How long will the 2nd generation of UVCs be supported (UVC, UVC-Dome, UVC-Pro, UVC-Micro)?

A. We have no plans to discontinue the 2nd generation of cameras anytime soon.



Q. Can I receive credit for broken or non-functional cameras?

A. No. airCams must be functioning.



Q. Are there any limitations based on location (region or country)?

A. No



Q. Are all components/accessories (mounting hardware, waterproofing seal, box, manual) required?

A. No, only the airCam itself is required to be returned



Q. Do I really have to go around and get the date codes from the cameras?

A. No, you can use 1548G for the purposes of this program.



Q. How do I submit an RMA for multiple units?

A. At the time of this edit, the only way to do so is to click the Add Another Item link on the RMA form:


We are working to get the spreadsheet updated with the airCam Trade-Up Program listed as a problem category to make it a bit easier for customers with many units.



Q. Do I submit one RMA for each camera?

A. No. It is critical that you include all airCams.  The way the system works is that you will get coupon codes based on the number of cameras that you RMA'd.  If you put only 1 unit in the RMA and send us six, you will only get one coupon code valid for one camera.  If you wish to break your camera deployment up, that is fine, but please be accurate with your camera count per RMA.



Q. If I have other things to RMA, can I include them in the same RMA?

A. No.  The airCam Trade-Up Program is very specific and very precise.  Please only submit airCams in your RMA.