UniFi Video 3.10.1 Full Release

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎02-12-2019 02:53 PM - edited ‎02-28-2019 01:44 PM

System Requirements

  • NVR appliance or a 64-bit OS from the Files section below
  • Intel Atom D2500 CPU
  • 100GB HDD
  • 4GB RAM
  • Google Chrome
  • 500GB HDD or larger
  • RAM Disk for Windows installations - How-To


Important Notes

  • To ensure a smooth upgrade path, NVR appliances must upgrade to 3.9.12 before upgrading to 3.10.0+.  Then, upgrading an NVR from 3.9.12 to 3.10.0+ must be done via the web UI update.  Subsequent updates can then be performed via apt, manual, etc. unless otherwise noted in the release notes.  Since the soft release requires a manual install, here is the safe way to download and install it (this also works if you already attempted an install via dpkg, you're basically just reinstalling with the proper JRE):
    wget https://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/unifi-video/v3.10.1/unifi-video.Debian7_amd64.v3.10.1.deb; /usr/lib/unifi-video/bin/ubnt.updater unifi-video.Debian7_amd64.v3.10.1.deb
  • Java Runtime version 8 is now required, NVR appliances are upgraded when this package is installed via the upgrade function built into the web UI
  • TLSv1.0 has been deprecated
  • As you can see in the links, we have deprecated support for Ubuntu 14.04 and added support for Ubuntu 18.04.  If you're still running Ubuntu 14.04, we recommend upgrading to at least Ubuntu 16.04 ASAP, please see this post for further details
  • Your Ubiquiti Account (SSO) is the same account you use to login to the community forum. If you want to use a different account for UniFi Video, first log out of the community before setting up UniFi Video for cloud access
  • Systems that are not the hardware NVR (airVision-C or UVC-NVR) must have some form of an NTP daemon installed to prevent timestamp and time synchronization errors



  • Windows: Run Installer as Administrator
  • Hardware NVR/Debian Install manual installation (other Linux files are linked at the bottom of this post, simply change the URL and filename to the appropriate operating system):
    wget https://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/ufv/v3.10.1/unifi-video.Debian7_amd64.v3.10.1.deb
    sudo /usr/lib/unifi-video/bin/ubnt.updater unifi-video.Debian7_amd64.v3.10.1.deb
  • UniFi Video controller is now using Java8 at runtime. NVR appliances are upgraded automatically to Java Runtime 8 when this version is installed.
  • Fixed unifi-video startup script, so it waits for /srv mount point to be available before starting the controller.


Cloud Setup

New Installations

  • Visit https://video.ubnt.com using Chrome from a computer on the same network as your UniFi Video installation.


  • Connect to your NVR locally (over HTTPS using the server's IP address on port 7443), then click 'Connect To My Ubiquiti Account' under NVR Settings.



Change Log 

Camera Firmware

  • New Release: bundled version: 4.8.40

    • Security fix CVE-2018-5391

    • Security fix CVE-2018-5390

    • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2p

    • Fixed static IP mode malfunction

    • Motion analytics accuracy improvement

    • Fixed new motion analytics algorithm background model and reduced false positives for night time scenes

    • UVC-G3-PRO Audio quality improvement

    • UVC-G3-PRO Fix a regression that caused HDR to be enabled by default
    • UVC-G3-Micro Added AU SKU support

    • UVC-G3-Micro Reduces talkback audio latency
    • UVC-G3-Micro Disables WiFi background scan by default
    • UVC-G3-Micro Fix RGB led regression
    • UVC-G3-Flex Audio/Image quality improvement

    • UVC-G3-Flex Fixes excessive brightness in outdoor scenes under HDR mode

    • UVC-G3-Flex Fix RGB led regression

    • UVC-G3-Flex Fixed overheating issue

    • UVC-G3-Flex Improved image quality when streaming at lower 25 fps frame rate

    • UVC-G3-Flex Fixes privacy mask issues when combining with auto-rotation option
    • UVC-G4-PRO Fixes streaming rebasing issue

    • UVC-G4-PRO Calibrates new algorithm motion analytics sensitivity

    • UVC-G4-PRO Eliminates auto-focus hunting under certain conditions

    • UVC-G4-PRO Lowers down mic volume (gain)




  • No change: bundled version 1.0.31





  • Added controller support for privacy masks (Only works for G3 Cameras)
  • Refactored and improved recording purge performance and logging
  • Introduced continuous Unifi-Video statistics logging and health indicator
  • Refactored cloud service to improve connection stability
  • Improved overall logging mechanism
  • Adds support for Camera recording and microphone indicators
  • Sends an alert to the web UI for login (local and remote)
  • Adds rootfs space monitoring as part of System health report

Security improvements:

  • Removes sensitive camera and cloud information from support DB information dump
  • Updated self-signed certificate to be compliant with RFC5280
  • Removes camera password from bootstrap data
  • Allows database configuration restore only if NVR is reset to default

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed bottleneck when recordings are started that caused recording chunks processing task performance to degrade and caused a backlog of chunks to process in the cache.
  • Fixed MongoDB startup configuration affecting older NVR appliance with MongoDB version lower than 2.4
  • Fixes a regression with custom certificates, causing EMS to fail during startup
  • Fixes a regression causing Android devices to fail to request the recording list from the controller
  • Increases camera snapshot JPEG quality
  • Updates recording meta-data file so the lock status is restored when recordings are recovered
  • Fixes incorrect image settings parameters being stored in DB after a change
  • Fixes System health state changes to take disconnected/managed cameras into account
  • Fixed Mongo DB configuration file selection for Windows
  • Fixes video segment conversion from TS to MP4 files
  • Fixes potential null pointer exception when processing video segments for recording
  • Sets MongoDB feature compatible version automatically at startup to allow manual upgrades from 3.6 to 4.0
  • Fixes recording recovery failure found in 3.10.0 beta and 3.10.0 soft release


Web Interface


  • Added Privacy masks option and editor (Only works for G3 Cameras)
  • Default newly created live views to stream from the medium resolution channel
  • Added Cloud Connection Status and report when cloud adoption/un-adoption is possible or not
  • Improved Setup of New NVR from the cloud
  • Added a link to release notes if an upgrade is available
  • Added keyboard binding to Recording Player and Recording Playlist  (will be added to 3.10.2)
  • Added system health indicator, alerts, and stats update in NVR stats panel
  • Adds Recording and microphone indicators overlay for Live Views and Live Feeds
    • Audio:
      • Mic enabled: Green microphone icon
      • Mic disabled: No microphone icon
    • Video:
      • Recording failure: Red camera icon
      • Recording disabled: Black camera icon
      • No Recording in progress, most commonly seen with motion recording enabled but there is no current motion: Grey camera icon
      • Full-Time recording (no current motion): White camera icon
      • Motion recording or Full-Time recording (motion currently recording): Flashing Blue camera icon
    • Makes Alerts table sortable
    • Adds Microphone and Privacy status to camera list
    • Adds toggle for enhanced motion detection algorithm
    • Adds Auto (rotation) option in G3-Flex image settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed broken validation when registering for cloud account
  • Use the default username/password for bulk camera management when they are not provided by the user
  • Fixes live view camera grid aspect ratio when in full screen
  • Fixes runtime exception when attempting full-screen live view on Chrome v71




  • In Live View, when switching between Live and Recording channels, the video temporarily freezes. This is also causing recording at that moment to freeze when played back.  We have identified the root cause and it is not a trivial fix.  Stay tuned for a future release that resolves this bug.
  • We are aware of some issues with the iOS app and have addressed it by rolling back to a known working version on as many models as possible.
    • iPhone X users will continue to experience audio issues for the time being, we will be working as quickly as possible to resolve this as well as incorporate the full support for new camera models in the form of iOS App updates.
  • Certain, less common time zones may experience a bug related to daylight savings time which renders the OSD to be off by 12 hours.  This is fixed in 3.10.2 Beta 1
  • Privacy masks appear as an option for G2 cameras.  G2 cameras are not capable of rendering privacy masks.  This UI red herring is removed in 3.10.2 Beta 1
  • Magic zoom performs strangely in certain circumstances. We are investigating the root cause at this time.


Port Forwarding/Custom Ports

If not using Cloud login, please check this article for required open ports and customizing ports





*Cloud functionality is peer-to-peer. All video is encrypted and not stored on our servers.

**These are the only officially supported Windows operating systems