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Extended Video Download multiple cameras

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At this time the recorder only allows you to grab 15 minute segments of video. You can highlight a 1 hr section in the "Timeline" but when exporting the page just brings up an error with no indication as to why it fails. 


I have implemented the NVR and two cameras to a Jail Booking area to record video and audio for those brought in for Driving Under the Influence. The processing of such subjects takes 30-45 minutes and sometimes over an hour if they are uncooperative.  The recording of this process is required. There are other times we have incidents in that area that last over the 15 minutes as well and we need recordings with audio. 


Having the ability to either pull the specific timeline and the software automatically parse the video to multiple segments or the ability to grab a full 1 hour video clip would be extremely nice for our implementation and for use in the court process. The ability to have one complete video would be preferred. Joining multiple camera views for the exact same timeframe and exproting them together would make the process even smoother.