OUTDOOR Rated UVC-G3-Micro

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Any thought in making an outdoor rated UVC-G3-Micro? 


I think there's still a need and valid use-case for a wireless camera that is rated for outdoor use.  Perhaps it doesn't need to achieve an IP67 rating, but it should be water resistant and also able to operate in hot/cold and humid/dry climates.  Think porch overhangs, outdoor decks, soffets, suction cup'd to an outdoor window, etc -- plenty of use-cases close to the house where you might have power, but no ethernet available.


Could UBNT consider using a micro usb cable instead of a fixed length cable?  That way folks could swap out whatever length they need (understand there are power limitations, but a standard capable swapable capable would help).


Also, Optional mounting accessories would also be great -- a suction cup mount accessory so it can easily be mounted on external windows/ flat surfaces -- or at least include a base that has an option for a standard tripod mount screw (see example url below):



For those worried about theft, screw down mounts could also be provided instead of the traditional magnetic base.


Any interest in the UBNT community for an outdoor rated WiFi camera?  If so, appreciate the votes!






on ‎11-05-2018 07:15 AM

This would come in handy, I can't believe there are no replies on this. I understand hardwired is nice, but so many people just don't have access to outside ethernet. Arlo and many other companies are doing this now, UBNT is falling behind, I love your product line, but you are missing a large gap in the market other companies are swooping in for. Hopefully this is something that gets designed very quickly.

on ‎12-01-2018 08:51 AM

I completly agree. An outdoor WiFi camera would be very useful. Either make the micro weatherproof or add WiFi to the existing outdoor cameras.